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Can you name the Songs That Have Their Words Replaced by Similar Ones?

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Dark Arts Lady
Ammunition With Insect Flying Appendages
Good Offspring Belonging To Me
Mini Performer
Still Not Dead
7 Days
Encircling The World
Cobalt Tropical Plant
Male Cows In Marching Order
Descending Deciduous Matter
Females X3
Nocturnal Gliding
Enjoy A 24 Hour Length
No Being Afraid Of The Death Entity
Red-Blue Fog
Similar To A Sideways Moving Pebble
Staircase To A Better Place
Empathy For Satan
Must I Leave or Stay Put
Move Quickly To Higher Ground
Nationality - American
Bright Area Of No Colour
Unconstrained Avian
Ruler Of Discomfort
Flying Girl In Possesion Of Shiny Objects
Wealth For No Accomplishments
Battlefield Hogs
Time Tellers
Another Person Said To Me
Admirable 24 Hours
Celestial Body Step
Pig And Legumes
Boys Have Returned To The City
Music Group Escaping
Poor Boy's Dissertation
The Young One Will Go A Long Way
Vitality On A Rapid Lane
Young Lady From The U.S.
Man Appears To Be A Woman
Ruler Of Marionettes
Street Of Crushed Hopes
Preceding By 100 Years
Greater Then An Emotion
Adequately Free Of Pain
Destroy To Get To The Other Side
We Will Not Get Duped A Second Time
Officers Of Fate
Gas Glowing Youth
Simian Passed On
Old Decaying Prison
Keep Going My Stubborn Male Child
Taught To Flutter
Sleep Visions
Dark 'Colour'
Reeks Of Adolescent Animation
66.6666% Is Alright
The Apocalypse Doesn't Bother Me
Sonar Romance
Bengal's Opticals

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