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The character that most likely creates the most scandal; Dated the boy from Brooklyn, and is best friends with the 'Queen Bee' at Constance. The show starts with her return.
Has a fashion designer for a mother, and is the 'Queen Bee' at Constance. Yale is her constant dream school throughout seasons 1 and 2
'Lonely Boy', noted for living in Brooklyn, attends St. Jude's and is largely un-noticed. Creates controversy with a teacher during season 2.
Part of an extremely well-known rich family, that is until season 2, where his father causes them to go bankrupt. He has basically made out with every girl on this show.
Also lives in Brooklyn, strives to be noticed and become a fashion designer. Fights often with her father and in season 2, she runs away.
Best friend of 'Lonely Boy', often interferes in business that is not her own.
Classy, rich boy who has only had one girlfriend on the show, but during seasons 1 and 2, was always waking up with a new girl beside him. He thought his mother died in childbirth
Mother of the main character on the show, during season 2 there was an episode about her youth. Divorced many times.
Extremely successful businessman, father of the classy, rich boy, dies in season 2.
Neglegent father of the two kids that live in Brooklyn, both of his marriages on the show have been disastrous.
Maid in the house of the fashion designer and the fashion designer's daughter.
Gay brother of the main character on the show, beginning of season 1 revealed that he tried to kill himself.
Fashion Designer who ends up marrying the guy from Princess Bride after her first husband turned gay.
Re-occurring guest star who created extreme controversy with the main character in season 1 involving a murder, and in season 2 involving a lost love child.
Drug addict that caused his family to go bankrupt.
Stole a baseball from the classy rich boy in season 1, stole money from the rich famous boy in a round of poker in season 1, and stole the heart of the main character in season 2
One of the 'Queen Bee's' sidekicks, she is basically the only black person at Constance and on this show.
The French partner of the father to the girl who dreams of Yale in the Christmas episode of season 1. She doesn't like him at first.
Also dreams of Yale, until social status becomes an important aspiration for this Chinese student at Constance. She's always on a different side, and was sabatoged during her SATs.
The girl from Brooklyn stole her mother's Valentino dress so she could wear it for her birthday.
Grandfather of the rich boy who goes bankrupt.
'Helps' the girl from Brooklyn with her fashion career until she burns all of her designs.
The only gay boyfriend the main character's brother ever had on the show
Never liked the idea of her granddaughter (main character) being with the boy from Brooklyn, until the beginning of season 2
This is the secret love child.
Played by re-occurring guest star Hilary Duff, she attends NYU in season 3 and dates the boy from Brooklyn.
Drug dealer in season 3 that the girl from Brooklyn likes. (He is using her to help sell drugs)
The main character's real father that has never been on the show.
Psycho-mom of the family that has gone bankrupt due to her husband's drug problem. She takes a long time to admit when things are going wrong for the family.
Jewish man that eventually marries the fashion designer. Has a son that dates the main character. This is the guy from The Princess Bride.
An artist that dates the main character in season 2, and tries to save their relationship by taking her to Buenos Aires.
The principal at Constance. (Give 'title' along with last name)
In season 1 she is the wife of the ex-rock star from Brooklyn that went to Hudson (and stayed in Hudson) but eventually they get a divorce when he falls in love with a former gf
The fashion designer's first husband, until he left her for a male model.
Celebrity that befriends the main character at a fashion show and gives her official celebrity status. She creates controversy with the guy who scams people out of their money.
Starts off season 3 by dating the once-bankrupt boy, but their relationship inevitably ends when they reveal their last names and find out their families are serious rivals.
Sidekick of the Queen Bee, one of two Asians on this show. She is moved back to Israel by her parents after spring break.
Woos the fashion designer's daughter in season 2 with his title, has an accent and is pure royalty. Has an affair with his step-mom that ends his American relationship.
In season 2, he dates the main character and scams pretty much everybody out of their money.
Rescues the classy rich boy from a foreign country after his father died, and something happened between him and the Queen Bee during season 2 (New Years)
New, young teacher at Constance that the main character thinks is super awesome, until she has an affair with her ex-boyfriend.
Very involved in politics, he was elected to Congress in season 3 and had an affair with the main character.
Dated the girl from Brooklyn during season 1, played lacrosse, and turned out to be gay.

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