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Can you name the songs that have sent two or more contestants home on American Idol?

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ContestantsSongPrimary Artist
Jennifer Fuentes (S2)
Tiara Purifoy (S3)
Elizabeth LeTendre (S3)**
Asia'h Epperson (S7)
Whitney Houston
Alexis Lopez (S1)
Jasmine Trias (S3)*
Tatiana Del Toro (S8)**
Tatiana Del Toro (S8)
Whitney Houston
Kim Caldwell (S2)**
Lisa Wilson (S3)
Patrick Hall (S5)
Melissa Etheridge
Clay Aiken (S2)**
Erskine Walcott (S3)
Elliott Yamin (AI5)*
Kinnik Sky (S5)
Syesha Mercado (S7)*
Taylor Vaifanua (S8)
Alicia Keys
Patrick Lake (S2)
Matthew Metzger (S3)
Bad English
Kelli Glover (S1)
Louis Gazzara (S2)
Michael Bolton
Laura Branigan
Natalie Burge (S1)
Ashley Thomas (S3)
Patsy Cline
Carmen Rasmusen (S2)
Mikalah Gordon (S4)
Taylor Dayne
Charly Lowry (S3)
Vonzell Solomon (S4)*
Aretha Franklin
A.J. Gil (S1)
Will Makar (S5)
Marvin Gaye
James Taylor
Melanie Sanders (S1)
Nick Mitchell (S8)
Jennifer Holliday
Jennifer Hudson
Chip Days (S2)
Stephen Fowler (S8)
Michael Jackson
Tamyra Gray (S1)*
Heather Piccinini (AI3)
Patti LaBelle
ContestantsSongPrimary Artist
Nicholas Pedro (S6)
Syesha Mercado (AI7)*
Peggy Lee
Nasheka Siddall
Marque Lynch (S3)
Bette Midler
Chris Sligh (S6)
Casey Carlson (S8)
The Police
Chris Daughtry (S5)*
Jackie Tohn (S8)
Elvis Presley
Chris Daughtry (S5)*
Colton Berry (S7)
Elvis Presley
George Trice (S2)
Kellie Pickler (S5)
The Righteous Brothers
Kai Kalama (S8)
Didi Benami (S9)
Jimmy Ruffin
Leslie Hunt (S6)
AJ Tabaldo (S6)
Nina Simone
Justinn Waddell (S1)
Gedeon McKinney (S5)
Percy Sledge
Ryan Starr (S1)
Brenna Gethers (AI5)
Donna Summer
Vanessa Olivarez (S2)
Leah LaBelle (S3)
The Supremes
Kim Wilde
Mark Scott (S1)
EJay Day (S1)
The Temptations
Jamar (S1)
Paul Kim (S6)
J.D. Adams (S2)
David Brown (S4)
Stevie Wonder

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