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What was the story that Shane was telling Rick about in episode one? 
What is the name of the man they used in 'Guts'? 
What is the name of Morgan's wife? 
How did Morales and T-Dog kill the walker outside the stripmall? 
Who were all in Atlanta? 
What does Morales call Rick before he exits the car to find his family? 
The Walking Dead Survival Intsinct
What is the name of Daryl's Father? 
Who goes back for Merle? 
Not Merle
Who kidnaps Glenn? 
How many of the Guns do they give to Guillermo? 
Who has the Sniper of Guillermo? 
What was Guillermo's job? 
around the campfire
What do Morales and Dale talk about before Amy dies? 
Who kills Amy? 
Why do they leave the quarry? 
What is the name of the computer at the CDC? 
not real name
What is the name of Jenner's wife? 
Who stays at the CDC with Jenner when it explodes? 
In season two, who saves T-dog from a walker after he cuts his arm? 
How does Rick kill the walkers after Sophia? 
What is with the bells in the church? 
Who shoots Carl? 
What is Rick's blood type? 
What kind of Doctor is Herschel? 
What is the name of the horse that almost gets Daryl killed? 
How many fragments are in Carl? 
Why does Shane shave his head? 
physical object
What prompts Maggie to sleep with Glenn? 
What are the names of Herschel's Daughters?  
Who is finally found as a walker in the barn? 
Where does Herschel retreat to? 
not Rick and Glenn
Who find them there? 

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