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Can you name the terms of the Formal Operational Stage?

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Stage of abstract, scientific thinking
Roughly at what age does this stage occur
While facing an issue, this person uses____ to predict what may happenmain point
When one portion of the brain is exceptional and another portion is lackingsub point of hypothetico-deductive reasoning
_____ is the ability to understand verbal statements without seeing real world examplesmain point
the downfall of having newfound cognitive capacitiesmain point
the thought that everybody else is watching your every movesub point of consequences
belief that one is a special and unique personsub point of consequences
the construction of grand visions and fault findingsub point of consequences
even though adolescents can deal with congnitive tasks more easily, their ______ lacks for a few years until they become more experiencedsub point of consequences
through ________ we have found that certain societies do not master the Formal Operational Stage, because they do not need tomain point

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