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Official Name
Population (nearest million)
Primary Flag Color
Primary Flag Color
Primary Flag Color
Number Of Sides On Flag
Prime Minister
Current Form of Government
Previous Form of Government
Seat Of Government
Capital City
Second Largest City
Third Largest City
Official Language
National Anthem
National Republic Day
Number Of Zones
Number Of Districts
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Largest Mountain Range
Highest Mountain (8,848m)
Second Highest Mountain (8,586m)
Third Highest Mountain (8,516m)
Largest Lake
Largest River
Internet Country Code
Largest Religion
Second Largest Religion
Nationality (Demonym)
Drives On The...
Age Of Suffrage
Majority Industry Of Total Workforce
National Flower
Date of 2015 Earthquake
Situated On This Tectonic Plate
Situated On This Tectonic Plate
2015 Earthquake Epicenter (District)
2015 Earthquake Epicenter (Zone)
City Square Affected by 2015 Earthquake

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