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Who hosted the 82nd academy awards?
World's longest bony fish
Who played Han solo in Star Wars?
New York Yankees shortstop
Most Dangerous animal found in Africa
Best Ice Cream store in Rochester
Famous Rochester businessman
New York Yankees 3rd baseman
Tall mammal that may use pattern as a form of recognition
Most popular ice cream flavor
Hominid cryptid said to inhabit SE United States often smells like a skunk
Character who wants to 'blast her nips'
Who said don't have the time don't have the uterus?
MLB pitcher with most career strikeouts
Only person to ever score 100 points in an NBA game
Character in It's always sunny in Philadelphia who turns the Coors sign on everyday
world's largest reptile
Who was a member of several cults both as a leader and a follower
who invented the light bulb?
Critically endangered frog found in australia

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