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Large shark that inhabits waters farther north than any other shark
Flying mammal who often makes tents out of Bannana leaves.
Extremely rare species of deep sea shark discovered in 1976. It is one of a group of filter feeding sharks.
World's largest nocturnal Primate. Lemur Native to Madagascar.
Idicator bird who commonly lead indigenious tribes to honey.
Second Largest Land Animal
Mammal who can grow to over 108ft.
Largest know arthropod: fully grown can have 13ft leg span
Mammalian carnivore in which female have a pseudopenis
Critically endangered toad found in Panama
Was the largest carnivorous marsupial of modern times. Went extinct in 1936
Venomous lizard native to Southwestern United States(and Mexico)
Large sea reptile with a teardrop shaped carapace
Moderately large cat native to mountains of central and South Asia
Large fast cat which exists only in Iran today.
Belongs to order Carnivora but diet is 99% Bamboo
is a small arboreal mammal and the only species of the genus Ailurus.
Largest Venomous snake in africa.
Largest species of Ray.
Large vulture found in western United States

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