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Can you name the best movies of some of the most popular directors according to IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and the worldwide box office?

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Steven Spielberg (IMDb)8.9
Steven Spielberg (Rotten Tomatoes)98%
Steven Spielberg (Box Office)$1.029 billion
George Lucas (IMDb)8.8
George Lucas (Rotten Tomatoes)96%
George Lucas (Box Office)$1.027 billion
Ridley Scott (IMDb)8.5
Ridley Scott (Rotten Tomatoes)97%
Ridley Scott (Box Office)$457 million
Robert Zemeckis (IMDb)8.8
Robert Zemeckis (Rotten Tomatoes)98%
Robert Zemeckis (Box Office)$677 million
Michael Bay (IMDb)7.4
Michael Bay (Rotten Tomatoes)66%
Michael Bay (Box Office)$1.123 billion
James Cameron (IMDb)8.5
James Cameron (Rotten Tomatoes)100%
James Cameron (Box Office)$2.787 billion
Ron Howard (IMDb)8.2
Ron Howard (Rotten Tomatoes)95%
Ron Howard (Box Office)$758 million
Tim Burton (IMDb)8.1
Tim Burton (Rotten Tomatoes)94%
Tim Burton (Box Office)$1.025 billion
Clint Eastwood (IMDb)8.3
Clint Eastwood (Rotten Tomatoes)96%
Clint Eastwood (Box Office)$269 million
Roland Emmerich (IMDb)7.1
Roland Emmerich (Rotten Tomatoes)62%
Roland Emmerich (Box Office)$817 million
Steven Soderbergh (IMDb)7.8
Steven Soderbergh (Rotten Tomatoes)98%
Steven Soderbergh (Box Office)$450 million
Martin Scorsese (IMDb)8.7
Martin Scorsese (Rotten Tomatoes)98%
Martin Scorsese (Box Office)$392 million
Sam Raimi (IMDb)7.9
Sam Raimi (Rotten Tomatoes)98%
Sam Raimi (Box Office)$890 million
Richard Donner (IMDb)7.8
Richard Donner (Rotten Tomatoes)93%
Richard Donner (Box Office)$321 million
Brett Ratner (IMDb)7.2
Brett Ratner (Rotten Tomatoes)69%
Brett Ratner (Box Office)$459 million
Shawn Levy (IMDb)7.1
Shawn Levy (Rotten Tomatoes)67%
Shawn Levy (Box Office)$574 million
Joel Schumacher (IMDb)7.6
Joel Schumacher (Rotten Tomatoes)80%
Joel Schumacher (Box Office)$336 million
Tony Scott (IMDb)8
Tony Scott (Rotten Tomatoes)92%
Tony Scott (Box Office)$356 million
Oliver Stone (IMDb)8.3
Oliver Stone (Rotten Tomatoes)92%
Oliver Stone (Box Office)$205 million
Stanley Kubrick (IMDb)8.5
Stanley Kubrick (Rotten Tomatoes)100%
Stanley Kubrick (Box Office)$162 million

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