Entertainment Quiz / Name as many 'El Goonish Shive' characters as possible.

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Can you name the Name as many 'El Goonish Shive' characters as possible.

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Genetically Cloned Shapeshifter
Female Magic Clone
'Middle Name' Nickname
Guardian Angel
Outed By His Childhood Friend
Accidentally Turned into a Cat-Girl
Cloned with Magic
Endless Bucket of Exposition
The Creature Nature Never Intended
Twin Separated at Birth
Remarkably Cat-like
Creepy Teacher
Created the Hammers
Powerful Evil Immortal
Trapped in the 'ethereal plane'
Turned into a Statue
Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist's Assistant
Mad Scientist's Attorney
Assistant and Attorney's Other Friend
Evil Genetic Creation/Abomination
Bat-like (Pre-Transformation)
Bat-like (Post-Transformation)
Guinea Pig-like
Master of Illusions/Distraction
Author Avatar
Author Avatar's Assistant
Bearded Comic Store Regular
Anime-Style Martial Arts
Alpha Dimension General
Comic Store Worker
Video Rental Store Manager
Alpha Dimension Overlord
Outed Her Childhood Friend
Shadow Person. Defintely a Guy
Attacked by a Giant Boar.
Conspiracy Theorist Agent
Master Spy Agent
Predecessor and Successor
Genetic Father
Died in a Car Crash
Head of Student Council
Obsessed with Murals
He's seen worse
Genetic Grandfather
Body Snatching Abberation
Theater Clerk
Uryuom 'Male'
Uryuom 'Female'

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