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A signature of the American apple growing industry. The name would suggest a high amount of tastiness.
Soft Drink created by Grover C. Thomsen in 1937, the drink is now a major associate sponsor of NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield
A more recent version of this snack puff was develeped in order to avoid an orange residue left on eaters' fingers.
Little Jack Horner has been known to pull them out of pies.
Vegetable rich in Vitamin C, grown in bush and pole varieties.
The seeds of the plant Brassica juncea, are used to make this spicier variety of condiment.
When marinated in Italian salad dressing and chopped garlic, this vegetable becomes the focal point of Texas caviar.
Schwarzwälder Schinken in Germany, this meat product may take up to three months to produce.
Though the name may suggest, this fruit is not related to a prior answer, nor is it made of a valuable metal.
The odor of this product is produced by Brevibacterium linens, the same bacteria responsible for foot odor.
A caffeinated drink produced by Coca-Cola, quite possibly a reference to a 1967 Donovan song.
80% of the world consumption of this ocean dweller is attributed to Japanese markets
An unnamed character has repeatedly stated to Sam-I-Am that he/she does not like these.
An edible crustacean or a popular seafood chain.
A sweetener given its color from molasses, or a popular song by the Rolling Stones
Considered a marketing flop, this soft drink was first released in 2002 as a response to Vanilla Coke.
A citrus fruit high in Vitamin C.
This type of clear spirit is wildly popular among many in the hip-hop community.
This fruit, Vitis vinifera, is primarily used as a table variety. Others may be dried or juiced.
General term often marketed as a healthier alternative to red or dark varieties. Its color comes from a lack of myoglobin.

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