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Can you name the Name Bloodborne Bosses?

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Often the first boss encountered
First mandatory boss
Defeat causes the first time change
Boss that can poison you
Defeat to get the Rune Workshop Tool
Able to be fought after being kidnapped
There's three of them
Summons lots of little minions
Has spellcasters above the arena
Has a cage on his head
Watches the baby
Fought on top of a castle
Area unlocked with the Tonsil Stone
Only one of them is the boss
Doesn't attack you until you attack it
Only if you say no to his request
Use three one third umbilical cords
Flame covered version of a different boss (DLC)
Has a weapon named after him (DLC)
Very similar to another boss (DLC)
Apprentice to a potential final boss (DLC)
Child of a Great One (DLC)

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