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 Who is the son of Mars?Who is the son of Mars?
 Who is the daughter of Hades?
 The praetor of Camp Jupiter is?
 She (praetor) is the daughter of what goddess?
 She (praetor) is the daughter of what goddess?
 Hylla is the Queen of?
 Hylla previously worked for a sorceress named?
 Who is the gorgon who kept offering Percy Cheese 'n Wieners?
 Who did Percy carry all the way to Camp Jupiter?
 What mark did Percy have after bathing in the River of Styx?
 What is the name of the river who washed away the Greek blessing on Percy?
 Who is Camp Jupiter's augur?
 Who died and immediately came back to life after being stabbed in the war games?
 Who gave Frank Zhang a quest after the war games?
 The quest aims to free the god of death named?
 The land beyond the gods
 The giant who rose with the help of Hazel?
 Back in the 1940s, where did Hazel die?
 Who is the red-feathered harpy?
 What can only melt the chains of death?

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