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Forced Order
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Homosexuality, shots of the clouds, outsider subcultures
Body horror, psychology mixed with physiology, deviant sexuality
Surrealism, dreams, cryptic narratives, quirky violence, red curtains
Sociopathic characters, New York settings, machismo, slow motion, profanity and violence
Foolish characters, washed out visuals, salt of the earth actors, dark humour, failed crime stories
Non-linear stories, glorified violence, POV shots, homage, long dialogues
One-point perspectives, protracted sequences, war, primal human instincts
Voyeurism, Oedipal struggles, icy blondes, suspense
Bleakness, religion, minimalism, Max von Sydow
Dysfunctional families, flawed characters, religious references, San Fernando Valley
John Williams, sentimentality, push-ins, humanism, parental troubles
Hand-held camera, mistreated females, deconstructive narratives, existentialism
Human morality,master-disciple, nature, axial cut
Voice-overs, philosophy meditations, spirituality, humanity and nature
Gothic visuals, eccentric outsiders, Danny Elfman, Jonny Depp & Helena Bonham Carter
Tracking shots, dark side of humanity, grittiness
The Tramp, social satire, physical comedy, tear-jerker
Surreal visuals, dystopian futures, wide-angle lens, energized characters
Non chronological narratives, perspective shots, complex plots, memory
Stark colors, murders of women, sexual deviancy, giallo
Jewish identity, neurotic lead, self-starring
Monsters, catholicism, fairy tales, insects
Long takes, metaphysics, childhood, levitation
Baroque fantasy, early neo-realism, original surrealist
Marxism, montage, open world, realism

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