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Can you name the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Villains?

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Vampire and Big BadSeason 1
Vampire and VessleSeason 1
Possessed StudentsSeason 1
Demon and Willow's BoyfriendSeason 1
Invisible GirlSeason 1
Vampire and Favorite to the Big BadSeason 1
Witch and Ex-CheerleaderSeason 1
Sidekick to Big BadSeason 1
Vampire and Friend to Xander and WillowSeason 1
Substitute Teacher and Praying MantisSeason 1
Swim Coach TeacherSeason 2
Frankenstein-like Monster with a crush on CordeliaSeason 2
Vampire BrothersSeason 2
Vampire with VisionsSeason 2
Demon and SmurfSeason 2
Robot and SerialkillerSeason 2
Vampire and Billy Idol WannabeSeason 2
Buffy's Former Classmate (in LA)Season 2
Vampire that likes to readSeason 2
Demon from Giles' PastSeason 2
Demon with an appetite for childrenSeason 2
An old friend of Giles'Season 2
Vampire and Big BadSeason 2
Mayor and Giant SnakeSeason 3
Vengeance DemonSeason 3
Soldiers for The FirstSeason 3
Vampire with HoovesSeason 3
Slightly Overweight DemonSeason 3
Watcher Gone BadSeason 3
Insane Vampire with Mother IssuesSeason 3
Vampire CoupleSeason 3
Brainwashed 'Canine'Season 3
Demon EmployerSeason 3
Slayer Gone BadSeason 3
Vampire and SidekickSeason 3
Demon and Roommate from HellSeason 4
Vampire and Gang LeaderSeason 4
WerewolfSeason 4
Vampire and Girlfriend to 'Blondie Bear'Season 4
College Professor with a hidden agendaSeason 4
Revengeful SpiritSeason 4
Fairytale DemonsSeason 4
Frankenstein-like Monster and Big BadSeason 4
Fear Demon (actual size!!)Season 4
Creepy 'Dairy' GuySeason 4
Hell GodSeason 5
Demon responsible for Xander's DoubleSeason 5
Demons, invisible to all except TaraSeason 5
Vampire and CountSeason 5
Demon from Outer Space with an appetite for crazy peopleSeason 5
Scabby Minion to a Hell GodSeason 5
Reptilian DemonSeason 5
Troll and Anya's former Love InterestSeason 5
Robot and Girlfriend to the CreatorSeason 5
Military Order and a sworn enemy of a certain Hell GodSeason 5
Demon that brings song and dance to SunnydaleSeason 6
Three Friends and self proclaimed 'Supervillains'Season 6
Vampire and Dawn's date on HalloweenSeason 6
Bank Robbing DemonSeason 6
Vengeance DemonSeason 6
Demon and Spike's Loan-SharkSeason 6
Vampire and 'Demonic Dealer'Season 6
Witch and RatSeason 6/7
Sorcerer and 'Magic Dealer'Season 6
Witch with a VengeanceSeason 6
Skin Eating DemonSeason 7
Priest and Sidekick to The FirstSeason 7
Vampire and Buffy's Old Classmate Season 7
Vampire (brought forth from the Hellmouth)Season 7
Demon Woman and Xander's DateSeason 7

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