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Can you name the Characters from Buffy The Vampire Slayer ?

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Sarah Michelle GellarSlayer and Scooby Member
David BoreanazVampire and Buffy's Love Interest
Nicholas BrendonScooby Member
Alyson HanniganWitch and Scooby Member
Seth GreenWerewolf and Willow's Love Interest
Charisma CarpenterXander's Love Interest
Anthony Stewart HeadWatcher
Emma CaulfieldDemon and Xander's Love Interest
Michelle TrachtenbergBuffy's Sister and The Key
James MarstersVampire and Buffy's Love Interest
Kristine SutherlandBuffy's Mom
Amber BensonWitch and Willow's Love Interest
Marc BlucasSoldier and Buffy's Love Interest
Eliza DushkuSlayer
Alexis DenisofWatcher
Mercedes MacNabVampire
Danny StrongNerd and Trio Member
Robia LaMorteTeacher and Giles' Love Interest
Bianca LawsonSlayer
Tom LenkNerd and Trio Member
Dean ButlerBuffy's Father
Adam BuschNerd and Trio Member
Clare KramerHell God
Robin SachsOld Friend of Giles'
D.B. WoodsidePrincipal
Harry GroenerMayor and Giant Snake
Lindsay CrouseProfessor
Armin ShimermanPrincipal (snake food)
Harris YulinMember of The Watchers' Council
Iyari LimonPotential and Willow's Love Interest
George HertzbergBig Bad
Andy UmbergerAnya's Former Boss
Juliet LandauVampire and Spike's Love Interest
Nathan FillionPriest and Sidekick to The First
James Charles LearyDemon and Spike's Friend
Julie BenzVampire
Saverio GuerraBartender
Adam KaufmanBuffy's One Night Stand
Ken LernerPrincipal (hyena food)
Abraham BenrubiTroll and Anya's Past Love Interest
Kirsty WuPotential
Kali RochaDemon and Anya's Friend
Mark MetcalfVampire and Big Bad
Elizabeth Anne AllenWitch, Rat and Willow's Friend
Felicia DayPotential
Leonard RobertsSoldier and Riley's Friend
Bailey ChaseSoldier and Riley's Friend
Paige MossWerewolf and Boyfriend-stealer
Andrew J. Ferchland'Sidekick' to Vampire/Big Bad
Jack PlotnickDeputy Mayor

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