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Can you name the characters from Super Mario RPG by these quotes?

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Forced Order
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Who do you think you are, Bruce Lee? You can't just go in there with your fists flying!
Strong you are. But stronger am I! Hurt you I will!
Because I left my bazooka at home. Sheesh! Give me a break, here.
Yes, Mallow, it's time for you to take the bus!
Fungah! Foiled again!
Are you... leaking?
We're pretty sure Mr. Moustache can't break in here. But that turtle looks pretty mean!
Of course it's there! You lazy slobs couldn't find water if you were fish!
Booster, sir! There's a 70% chance the object you're standing on is a cake.
I am matter. I am antimatter. I can see your past. I can see your future. I consume time and I will consume you!
What? How dare you dodge the barrel!
We fight for evil! We live for disorder! We like what we do! We struggle for chaos! We are...
If you defeat me, you still won't beat me! Beware the flood!
You know, some people use something called a DOOR to get in and out of their houses.
Over here, NOW! I'll crush you all!
Oops, I think... I missed!
The chain, Mario! Hit the chain!
You fools couldn't chase down a pumpkin!
That's 'STAR ROAD', my fluffy little friend...

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