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Season & Episode #Episode TitleSynopsis
S1E1Lola tells Owen she has brain cancer. Briggs tries to get Owen back on the force.
S1E2Chief calls a staff meeting to discuss Lola's nonexistent brain tumor. Cat treats a boy with advanced aging disease.
S1E3Another doctor tries to use the healing power of laughter. Things are told from the perspective of a doctor from Puerto Rico.
S1E4A new doctor may be able to cure the chief. Two doctors compete to use the healing power of laughter.
S1E5Max performs surgery on Chief. Blake accidentally kills Lola.
S2E1Cat struggles to get over Lola's death.
S2E2Lola Spratt returns from the hospital to explain that she faked her death, but everyone believes she is a ghost.
S2E3On Halloween, Owen asks Valerie to stop his heart so that he can find Lola in the spirit world.
S2E4Dr. Blake's clown brother comes to visit and borrows money from Dr. Blake.
S2E5The staff is more concerned with enjoying insult comic Jeffrey Ross's humor than treating his child.
S2E6In a behind the scenes look at the show, Cutter Spindell saves the series from being kicked off the air.
S2E7Glenn is intimidated into keeping his cure for cancer a secret.
S2E8In a parody of Do the Right Thing, a heat wave plagues the hospital.
S2E9Sy tries to decide between getting rid of the coffee machine or firing one of the doctors.
S2E10It's Take Your Daughter to Work Day at the hospital.
S2E11A pro-life Senator asks Lola to perform an abortion on his sixteen-year-old son.
S2E12In this (fake) live episode, the Childrens Hospital doctors must reattach a sultan's finger to his hand.
S3E1The Childrens Hospital Crew is called in on a Saturday to rescue a child sinking in quicksand.
S3E2Chance Briggs turns up looking for access to a ward of criminally insane children
S3E3Dr. Brian returns to Childrens Hospital.
S3E4The group has to kick someone out of their crowded apartment.
S3E5A new plastic surgeon named Tugg makes Owen and Glenn jealous.
S3E6A lost episode from 1976.
S3E7Lola and Brian try to reunite Cat with her father.
Season & Episode #Episode TitleSynopsis
S3E8The staff mourns after Dr. Stryker passes away.
S3E9Childrens Hospital presents a theatrical episode that will take you back to simpler times.
S3E10Owen's secret wife brings their injured baby daughter to the hospital for treatment.
S3E11Frustration abounds at the hospital when the doctors are assigned to work the night shift.
S3E12Chet asks Shane's advice on asking Chief out.
S3E13Dr. Ritchie has an adult bar mitzvah.
S3E14The Childrens Hospital actors get their own spinoff shows.
S4E1Everyone at Childrens Hospital gets amnesia.
S4E2Madonna visits the hospital, stunning Owen.
S4E3Chief recounts her past, but the doctors aren't interested in her tale.
S4E4Sy assigns the staff to organize the patients' records while he is out of the hospital.
S4E5While filming an episode of Childrens Hospital, Lynn Williams and Dixie Peters have a romantic rivalry.
S4E6Owen works with a detective to get to the bottom of strange behavior by kids.
S4E7A look at the British version of 'Childrens Hospital'.
S4E8A promotion for single moms catches the male doctors' attention.
S4E9Sy's spy past comes back to haunt him when his former partner returns to kill him.
S4E10The events of a full year at the hospital are chronicled.
S4E11The identity of the mysterious public announcement announcer is finally revealed.
S4E12Owen is charged with murdering a patient by slapping him during surgery.
S4E13Sy succumbs to pressure and allows a wounded Mafia kingpin to be admitted.
S4E14An episode of Newsreaders takes a look at the death of a cast member.
S5E1The hospital staff relocates to a U.S. Army base in Japan.
S5E2Blake's son Willy witnesses a murder.
S5E3A plane crash interrupts an evening of fun. Owen tangles with a time loop.
Season & Episode #Episode TitleSynopsis
S5E4Cat and Michael's wedding weekend at a vacation house; a murder mystery.
S5E5Owen and Dr. Santa Claus save a secret ward from closure.
S5E6Lola's spot-on impersonations get her assigned to a government task force.
S5E7The staff get out their waistcoats and bonnets for a historical celebration.
S5E8Chief and Kat have to trick Owen into one of Chet's immersive Halloween mazes.
S5E9Owen poses as Glenn thanks to an unconventional plan.
S5E10Blake is kidnapped, while Owen and Sy struggle to keep their TV show on the air.
S5E11Derrick Childrens plots to wrest control of the hospital from Sy.
S5E12David Wain shoots a documentary about one of the cast members.
S5E13The doctors' stay in Japan comes to a head in a climactic season finale.
S6E1Owen returns to Childrens Hospital after serving a five year prison sentence.
S6E2Master of a thousand faces Lola Spratt must go on another top secret mission.
S6E3A geneticist analyzes the staff's DNA.
S6E4The winner of a Childrens Hospital fan fiction contest writes an episode.
S6E5Lola has a superpower: she can pout.
S6E6Glenn talks Blake through a romance.
S6E7The cast of Childrens Hospital appears on a morning talk show.
S6E8The hospital prepares for a visit by Dean Koontz.
S6E9Sy opens a sperm bank. Valerie plans an elaborate heist.
S6E10Sy's relationship with his new girlfriend Rhonda is cramping the other doctors' style.
S6E11When a hospital worker is found beheaded; Owen investigates with Chance Briggs.
S6E12Chief enjoys a staycation at the hospital.
S6E13Glenn has his weekly Shabbat dinner with his family.
S6E14Blake gets revenge on the gang for their relentless pranks.

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