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Can you name the Name the world of Warcraft boss?

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Regent Lord of this race became so when their prince went crazy for energy

Built a impenetrable Wall to protect his people from outside threats, effectively closing off the nation from the world and its petty conflicts.But one thing did g

He will lead his people to a better life even if it means waging war on his own

The only duel leadership of the race with a demon brother and hurt all around

Severed two good man turn evil now she runs her own city and people like a true dead queen

Gifted with the ability to foresee events to come.He and his followers pledged themselves to this noble faction

Still pained by the loss of his father, he staged a counterattack on Magatha and her forces,ultimately retaking the capital.

A brilliant inventor, He rose quickly to prominence among the race with his innovative designs and creative problem-solving skills.

His race greed of money left him almost killing his people and selling the live ones in to slavery

People thought two heads are better then one never had three these leaders come from different clan but to keep there race in the game came together

Ashamed of his father for many years and sent away for having the red pox he will braing his race to the true glory it deserves

Known for his tenacity and fierce will, got him this nickname “Lo’Gosh,” or “ghost wolf,” while in battle

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