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Forced Order
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Receptionist, Art, Mural
Threat Level Midnight, That's what she said, Ping
M&Ms, Numbers, Chili, Scrantonicity
Gay, Smart, Figure skater
Mother Goose, Lutheran, Refrigeration
Four toes, Cult leader, Cartwheel
Beets, Farmer, Assistant TO Regional Manager
Fire, Temp, WUPHF
Warehouse, Athlead, Val
Drunk, Rehab, Lice, Bat
Scranton Strangler, NO!, HR
Not Pam, Stamford, Utica
Indian, Customer Service, Hindu
Receptionist, Foster home, Enthusiasm
CEO, Lizard King, Sabre
Female Michael, HR, AJ
Did I stutter?, Crossword, Pretzel day
Cornell, Acapella, Boat, Banjo
Cats, Small, Uptight, Senator
Sabre, Shut up about the sun!, Horror movies
Astrid, CEO, White Pages
British, Special projects, Pyramid
Suck it, CEO, CFO
Security guard, Blues
Warehouse, Engaged, 3 years
Prankster, Athlead, Tuna

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