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HintAnswerAlphabet & Film
What Bug Is Flik?A (A Bug's Life)
Merida's Mother Turned Into A...B (Brave)
Little Green Aliens Worship ItC (Toy Story)
Scary Girl With BracesD (Finding Nemo)
Wall-E Falls For HerE (Wall-E)
An emotionF (Inside Out)
Miguel's InstrumentG (Coco)
Monsters are scared of themH (Monsters Inc)
Syndrome's Original Superhero NameI (The Incredibles)
You Don't Want Me To Worry? And Now We're Running For Our Lives In Some God Forsaken...J (The Incredibles)
Giant BirdK (Up)
Thunder Always Comes AfterL (Cars)
Protagonist Of BraveM (Brave)
HintAnswerAlphabet & Film
A Cancelled FilmN
Where Bob Does His JobO (The Incredibles)
Where Ratatouille Is SetP (Ratatouille
Elinor Is A...Q (Brave)
Rescue, Rehabilitation...R (Finding Dory)
They Ruined PizzaS (Inside Out)
Crush is A...T (Finding Nemo)
Where Sulley & Mike First MetU (Monster's __________)
Professor Z Was A _______ In Cars 2V (Cars 2)
Carl & Ellie Had OneW (Up)
The Toys Had To Go Through One To Pass Airport SecurityX (Toy Story 2)
Exiled MonsterY (Monsters Inc)
Evil EmperorZ (Toy Story 2)

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