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QUIZ: Can you name the character in season 1 of Game Of Thrones by quote?

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'What do we say to the God of death?'
'Thank the Gods for Bessie and her t!ts'
'Relax your bow arm'
'When you play the Game Of Thrones you win or you die'
'No more climbing'
'He was no dragon'
'War was easier than daughters'
'Dragons are gone your grace'
'I serve the realm!'
'The King sh!ts and the hand wipes'
'So, you didn't know where to put it?'
'I want my crown!'
'My mother hit harder'
'I can't stand the wailing of women'
'It's the family name that lives on'
'Do I look dead to you?'
'Sansa can keep her sewing needles, i've got a needle of my own'
'I did warn you not to trust me'
'And yet here I stand'
'Crown for King!'
What if I only have girls?
'I am a knight, I shall die a knight'
'Your loyalty to your captors is touching'
'I'd rather be dead'

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