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Can you name theses Game Of Thrones characters by their bad descriptions?

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Forced Order
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Inbred C*nt
Boob Fire Lady
Fat King
The Seen Been Curse
King Friendzone
Breastfeeding Little C*nt
Grammar Nazi
You Can't Spell Pimp Without Imp
Barrels Of Wine For Her
Still Fat
The Fanny Wh*re
Young Jean Grey's Actor's Character
Need A Hand?
Badass Granny
Let's Avenge Oberyn By Killing An Innocent Girl
Zig Zag
Supposedly F*cked A Bear
Professor Xavier But Not Bald
Crazy Little Homicidal Girl
A Pain To Starbucks Staff
Captain Phasma
A Dirty Religious Weatherby Swann
Giant Zombie
Beautiful Seductress
Release The Hounds
Old Fart
No Dick But Ironically Is One
Sneaky Moustachioed F*cker
A Pokemon
Spider X-Man
Didn't Know Where To Put It...Typical
Scary Little Girl Who Has More Balls Than Most Men
Abusive Pedophile

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