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A) Finnick's wife
B) Katniss' choice of weapon
C) The area in the middle of the arena where all the tributes start
D) The gemstones that are mined in District 1
E) Distict 3 makes these
F) Male tribute from District 4 in the 75th Hunger Games
G) Katniss' best friend
H) Peeta and Katniss' mentor
I) Caesar Flickerman does this with tributes before the hunger games
J) A muttation that is used in the 75th hunger games
K) The main character
L) Katniss' favourite food at the Capitol
M) The symbol of the rebellion
N) Poisonus berry that kills Foxface
O) The colour of the backpack that Katniss grabs at the beginning of the hunger games
P) The country that the whole seris is set
Q) Every 25 years the hunger games is called what
R) Girl tribute from District 11 in the 74th hunger games
S) Last name of the president of Panem
T) Male tribute from District 11 in the 74th hunger games
U) Last name of the mayor of District 12
V) The place where the winners of the hunger games live
W) Female tribute from District 3 in the 75th hunger games
X) The name of the avox that last letter of his name is X

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