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Which two country's fought in the war of Franco-Prussian (1870)?
Ruler of Germany(1890)?
What alliance was Austria-Hungry, Germany, and Italy?
What alliance was Great Britain, Russia, and France?
What is the policy of glorifying military power and keeps the an army prepared for war?
Who was the prince of the Austria-Hungary empire?
What are the four general causes of World War 1?
What country did Germany give the blank check?
When did the United States declare war to Germany?
When did World War 1 occur?
Who decided to attack France while going trough neutral Belgium?
Which country had a treaty with Belgium?
Who was the chief of the German staff from 1891 to 1905?
In what year did Allies start running low in young men?
When did the German U-boat (submarine) sink the British ocean liner RMS Lusitania?
When did Germany sent Mexico a coded message promising portions of U.S. land in return for Mexico joining World War I against the United States?
Who were in the central power?
What is another name for the world war one?
What were one of the weapons used during WWI
Which two countries joined Austria-Hungary and Germany?
Which 3 countries joined Great Britain, Russia and France
Which country did Great Britain have a defensive agreement with?
Important technology used?
How many people died during the war?
which group was responsible for the death of franz ferdinand

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