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Question 4 u :PUr Answer Here :)
How many of the Dread Doctors are there?
Who wrote the novel of 'The Dread Doctors'?
Who recorded Kira speaking in Japanese while she was sleeping?
What did Theo need from her sister in order to become a genetic chimera?
In what grade did Scott and Stiles know Theo from?
What kind of hybrid was Lucas?
Stiles killed Donavon in self defence, but his mind thinks that he murdered him because he also wanted him dead. Who told Stiles, “you need your heart to catch up with your head'
Who showed up in the New Mexico desert to help save Kira from the skin walkers?
Who saved Deaton from the desert wolf and the beast?
Scott and Stiles wanted Coach Finstock to forfeit a charity lacrosse game. Did he forfeit the game?
Question 4 u :PUr Answer Here :)
Who did Theo kill in order to take his power and be able to wear the dread mask?
Who stars Marie Jeanne, the Maid of Gevaudan, in season 5?
In seasons 1,2 & 3 she (previous answer) starred the character...?
The term “La Bete” is used to describe what?
Who is the beast?
How was Marie Jeanne Valet, the Maid of Gevaudan, related to the beast?
Deucalion told Hayden that if Theo put on the special talons, it would kill him. True or false?
When Lydia finally got out of Eichen House, she had a hole in her head. What substance did Deaton use to fill the hole so it wouldn't kill her?
Who brought Mason back?
What weapon killed the beast?

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