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Can you name the IB design technology Topic 1 design process?

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Analysing a situation which would benefit from re-design and working out a strategy for improving it.
An existing technology or solution to a problem in one field is used to provide a new idea for a solution in another.
Drawing on a similar situation for solutions e.g. an ultrasonic focusing system for cameras was based on how bats navigate in the dark.
Listing parts, properties, qualities or design elements of the product, service or strategy you are examining.
A method for exploring all possible solutions to a complex problem/product, two attributes are placed on the X and Y axes to examine possible combination.
A sequence of instructions/code to describe a set of actions or events.
A product designed in becoming obsolete in other words useless, after a certain period of time and use.
The business of putting an invention into the market place and making it a success. E.g. James Dyson

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