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Can you name the Great Inventions - Pre-20th Century ?

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YearInventionInventor (Origin of Invention)
50Hero (Egypt)
1592Galileo Galilei (Italy)
1608Hans Lippershey (Netherlands)
1712Thomas Newcomen (Englands)
1752Benjamin Franklin (USA)
1765James Watt (Scotland)
1776David Bushnell (America)
1783J&E Montgolfier (France)
1785Edmund Cartwright (England)
1796Edward Jenner (England)
1810Francois Appert (France)
1821Michael Faraday (England)
1823Charles Babbage (England)
1823William Sturgeon (England)
YearInventionInventor (Origin of Invention)
1834Jacob Perkins (USA)
1853Elisha Otis (USA)
1865Louis Pasteur (France)
1865Joseph Lister (Scotland)
1867Alfred Nobel (Sweden)
1876Alexander G. Bell (USA)
1877Thomas Edison (USA)
1880Thomas Edison (USA)/JW.Swan (England)
1883Gottlieb Daimler (Germany)
1885Karl Benz (Germany)
1890John Dunlop (Scotland)
1895Wilhelm Rontgen (Germany)
1895Guglielmo Marconi (Italy)

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