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AL????Z? to turn into albite [v -D, -ZING, -S]
AL???Z?? a Spanish arresting officer, also ALGUACIL [n -S]
AL??Z??? a different form of an enzyme coded by the same allele [n -S]
AN????Z? to record [v -D, -ZING, -S]
AN???Z??+ something that anodizes [n -S]
AN????Z? to play antics [v -D, -ZING, -S]
AP????Z? to lose the first vowel of a word [v -D, -ZING, -S]
AP????Z? to whet the appetite [v -D, -ZING, -S]
AR??Z??? a thick plain silk, generally black, and used for clerical gowns [n -S] (1)
AR??Z??? a thick plain silk, generally black, and used for clerical gowns [n -S] (2)
AS??Z??? AS??Z?, (obsolete) to assess, to fix the quantity of [v]
AT????Z? to separate gases by diffusion [v -D, -ZING, -S]
BA?????Z a fabulous Russian creature, half plant and half sheep [n -ES]
BEZ????? (Shakespeare) a beggar, also BESONIAN [n -S]
BI????Z? of food, small enough to be eaten in one bite [adj]
BIZ????? a South American rodent, also BISCACHA [n -S]
BOZZ???? pl of BOZZ????, (Italian) a small sketch of a projected sculpture [n]
BOZZ???? (Italian) a small sketch of a projected sculpture [n BOZZ????]
BR?Z???? effrontery [n]
BR?Z???? a place where brass is worked [n]
BR??Z??? to make bronze [v -IED, -ING, -IES]
BR??Z??? a variety of the mineral enstatite with bronze-like lustre [n -S]
BR???Z?? (Scots) a broil, a noisy disturbance, also BRULYIE, BRULZIE [n -S]
BU???ZZ? a surgical instrument used to castrate animals [n -S]
BUZ????? a game played in Afghanistan by teams of horsemen contesting for possession of a goat's carcass [n -S]
BUZ????? an artificial bait with small blades that stir the water [n -S]
BUZ????? someone or something that stops people from enjoying themselves, also BUZZKILLER [n -S]
CA???Z?? the overturning of a boat [n -S]
CR???Z?? (German) a small copper coin formerly used in South Germany, also KREUTZER, KREUZER [n -S]
CR?Z???S+ CR?Z???, a pattern of fine cracks [n]
CR?ZZ??? (Yorkshire dialect) of toast etc., dry and burnt [adj]
DE????Z? to thaw out, defrost [v -ZING, -S]
DI???Z?? DIPLOZOON, a parasitic flatworm that fuses in pairs [n]
DU????Z?+ to reduce the size of a workforce so low that the work cannot be done effectively [v -D, -ZING, -S]
DY????Z? to make dynamic [v -D, -ZING, -S]
EB???Z?? (Hebrew) a chapel or religious meeting place [n -S]
EB????Z? to follow the sect of ebionism [v -D, -ZING, -S]
EC??Z??? externally parasitic [adj]
EM????Z? to cause an embolism [v -D, -ZING, -S]
EM????Z? to play the emperor [v -D, -ZING, -S]
EN??Z??? an internal parasite, also ENTOZOAN, ENTOZOON [n ENDOZOA]
EN????Z? to freeze; to congeal [v (Spenser) ENFROSEN, -ZING, -S]
ER????Z? to affect with ergot [v -D, -ZING, -S]
EU????Z? to write in an affected literary style [v -D, -ZING, -S]
EU??Z??? the area formed by the countries using the euro [n -S]
FA????Z? to write fables [v -D, -ZING, -S]
FR??Z??? FR??Z?, cross and peevish [adj]
FR??Z??? FR??Z?, to put a decorative band on the top edge of a wall [v]
FR??Z???+ FR??Z, (of an appliance, etc.) to become broken or start malfunctioning [v]
FUZ?????+ without a fuze [adj]
FUZZ????+ a ball of fuzz [n -S]
GA?Z????+ a technique of controlled sensory input used in parapsychology [n -S]
GAZ????? (Spenser) a stare, look [n -S]
GAZ?????+ GAZ???, (of the seller of a house) to inconvenience (a potential buyer) by withdrawing from an agreement to sell shortly before the purchase is completed [v]
GAZ????? to lower the sum offered for a property just before signing a contract [v -ED, -ING, -S]
GO???Z?? a Buddhist paper scroll to which devotional chanting is directed [n -S]
GO????Z? an adhesive used to attach gold leaf to a surface [n -S]
HAZ????? playing at games of hazard [n -IES]
HY???Z?? HYDROZOON, any coelenterate of the class Hydrozoa, comprising organisms that are mostly marine and colonial with polyp and medusoid stages in the life cycle [n]
IN????Z? to proclaim as infamous [v -D, -ZING, -S]
IZ???T?? (Russian) news, information, also IZVESTIYA [n -S]
JA????Z? a hot-flavoured Indian dish of meat or vegetables stir-fried with green chillis and spices [n -S]
JAZ????? (historical) a coat of mail made of small plates of metal sewed upon linen or the like, also JESSERANT [n -S]
JU????Z? to enlarge a ship using prefabricated sections [v -D, -ZING, -S]
KA???Z?? KA???Z, in South Asia, a loose tunic, worn by women, also KAMEES [n]
KAZ????? (Russian) a Russian folk dance in which high kicks are performed from a squatting position, also KAZACHOK, KAZATSKI, KAZATSKY [n -S] (1)
KAZ????? (Russian) a Russian folk dance in which high kicks are performed from a squatting position, also KAZACHOK, KAZATSKI, KAZATSKY [n -S] (2)
KR???Z?? KR???Z, (Afrikaans) a crown of rock on a mountain-top, also KRANS, KRANZ [n]
LOZ????? divided into lozenges [adj]
MA????Z? to declare to be blessed [v -D, -ZING, -S]
MA?Z???? MA?Z??, (Yiddish) an illegitimate child; a despicable person, also MOMSER, MOMZER [n]
MA?Z???? a musical instrument like the soprano saxophone [n -S]
MAZ????? a rich blue or reddish-blue colour [n -S]
MAZ????? bewilderment [n -S]
ME????Z? (Spenser) scorn, slighting [n -S]
NO????Z? to form nodes [v -D, -ZING, -S]
NO????Z? to lead a nomadic life [v -D, -ZING, -S]
OD???Z?? something that odorizes [n -S]
OP???Z?? made smooth, like opal [adj]
OU????Z? to exceed in estimation [v -D, -ZING, -S]
PA????Z? to render papal [v -D, -ZING, -S]
PA??Z??? any member of the Parazoa, sponges, also PARAZOAN [n PARAZOA]
PEZ?Z??? resembling fungi of the Peziza genus [adj]
PI?ZZ??? relating to a piazza, in Italy, a public square [adj]
PO????Z? to make Polish [v -D, -ZING, -S]
PO??Z??? one of the individual zooids forming the compound organism of a polyzoan [n POLYZOA]
PR?Z???? valuable [adj]
PR?Z???? a winner of a prize [n PR?Z????]
PT????Z? to induce ptyalism in [v -D, -ZING, -S]
PY??Z??? a chemical related to pyrrole [n -S]
PY????Z? to convert into pyrites [v -D, -ZING, -S]
QU??Z??? (Inuit) a shelter made by hollowing out a pile of snow, also QUINZIE [n -S]
QU?ZZ??? the act of interrogation [n -IES]
QU?ZZ??? (obsolete) to cause to look odd [v -IED, -ING, -IES]
RAZ????Z a to-do, a hullabaloo, also RAZZAMATAZZ, RAZZMATAZZ [n -ES]
RAZZ????+ RAZZ???, the act of blowing a raspberry [n]
RE????Z? to reduce to regulus [v -D, -ZING, -S]
RE????Z? to treat with resin [v -D, -ZING, -S]
RI????Z? to make stiff [v -D, -ZING, -S]
RI????Z? to enter into rivalry [v -D, -ZING, -S]
RO????Z? to play the king [v -D, -G, -S]
SA???Z?? (French) buckwheat, also SARRASIN [n -S]
SC????Z? (Afrikaans) a heap of stones used as protection against rifle-fire, also SCHANSE, SCHANZE [n -S]
SC?ZZ??? a dirty, disreputable person, also SCUZZBALL [n -S]
SH???Z??+ SH???Z, (Persian) a type of wine grape, aka syrah [n]
SH???Z??+ SH???Z, (Yiddish) to sweat, also SCHVITZ [v] (1)
SH???Z??+ SH???Z, (Yiddish) to sweat, also SCHVITZ [v] (2)
SI????Z? to liken [v -D, -ZING, -S]
SI????Z? to bewitch [v -D, -ZING, -S]
SI????Z? to use a particular process to treat fabric to prevent wrinkling [v -D, -ZING, -S]
SM??Z??? (Italian) with a gradual fading away, growing slower and softer, also SMORZANDO [adv]
SO????Z? to associate in a sisterly way [v -D, -ZING, -S]
SP?????Z (Russian) a select military unit in the former Soviet Union [n -ES] (1)
SP??Z??Z (Russian) a select military unit in the former Soviet Union [n -ES] (2)
SP???Z?? (German) a usually sparkling white wine [n -S]
SP???Z?? (Scots) to plunder, also SPULYE, SPULYIE, SPULZIE [v -D, -ING, -S]
ST??Z??? taking advantage of an introductory interest-free period offered by a credit-card company to borrow money for investment elsewhere, esp. in a high-interest account [n -S]
ST?????Z (Russian) a soldier of the ancient Muscovite guard or Russian standing army [n -I or -ES]
SU????Z? to perceive [v -D, -ZING, -S]
SU???Z?? a student of lower rank than a sizar [n -S]
SU?Z???? pertaining to a subdivision of a zone [adj]
SU???Z?? an African lizard given to basking in the sun [n -S]
TE?Z???? (Italian) a triplet of lines that rhyme together or are connected with adjacent rhymes, also TERCET, TIERCET [n -S]
TE?Z???? a pl. of TE?Z????, (Italian) a composition in three voice parts; a vocal (rarely an instrumental) trio [n]
TE?Z???? (Italian) a composition in three voice parts; a vocal (rarely an instrumental) trio [n TE?Z???? or -S]
TIZ????? TIZ???, a tizzy, a state of confusion, also TISWAS [n]
TR???Z?? TR???Z?, to perform on a gymnastic apparatus [v]
TR?Z???? having three zones [adj]
TU????Z? to tutor [v -D, -ZING, -S]
TZ??Z??? (Modern Greek) a Greek dish made of yoghurt and finely sliced or chopped cucumber flavoured with garlic etc. [n -S]
TZ?????H+ (Hebrew) charitable giving as a moral obligation among Jews [n -S]
TZ?????S+ TZU???, (Yiddish) grief, woe, also TSOORIS, TSORES, TSORIS, TSORRISS, TSOURIS, TSURIS [n]
UN??ZZ?? to recover from being dazed [v -D, -ING, -S]
UN???Z?? not grazed [adj]
UN??Z??? to open the visor of, also UNVISOR [v -ED, -ING, -S]
VA??ZZ??+ to adorn the female pubis with glittery spangles [v -D, -ING, -S]
VIZ????? (Shakespeare) advisement, also ADVISEMENT, AVISEMENT [n -S]
VO????Z? to give extra body to hair [v -D, -ZING, -S]
VU??Z??? (South Africa) a plastic trumpet blown by football fans [n -S]
ZAK???K? (Russian) a hors d'oeuvre; a snack, also ZAKUSKA [n ZAK???K?]
ZAK???K? pl. of ZAK???K?, (Russian) a hors d'oeuvre; a snack, also ZAKUSKA [n]
ZA?B?M?? (Spanish) a Spanish musical instrument consisting of parchment over a jar [n -S]
ZA?P?G?? (Italian) an Italian bagpipe with two drones and two conical chanters, all in one stock [n -S]
ZA?Z?W?? (dialect) of tea, stewed in the pot [adj]
ZE?L???S lacking zeal [adj]
ZEB????Y the offspring of a male horse and a female zebra [n -IES]
ZE?C???E (Italian) a former Italian gold coin, also ZECCHIN, ZECCHINO, ZECHIN [n -S]
ZEL????X a nun whose duty is to keep watch on the behaviour of younger nuns in the convent, also ZELATOR, ZELATRICE [n -CES or -ES]
ZE???B?T (Persian) an East Indian drug, related to cassumunar and zedoary [n -S]
ZI?D?B?? (Hindi) long live, used in slogans [interj]
ZI?G?B?? a plant of the ginger family [n -S]
ZIZ??H?? a shrub or tree of the buckthorn family, aka the jujube tree [n -ES]
ZOE???P? a slotted rotating cylinder producing primitive animation [n -S]
ZO??TR?? veterinary surgery [n -S]
ZO?P?D?? a prescription medication used for the short-term treatment of insomnia, as well as some brain disorders [n -S]
ZO?B???K (Urdu) a small swivel-gun, esp. one mounted on the back of a camel, also ZAMBOORAK, ZUMBOORUK [n -S]
ZO?B??S? an animal cell [n -S]
ZO?CH??? the condition of being dispersed by animals [n -IES]
ZO?CY??? ZO?CY????, a hollow vessel [n]
ZO?G??F? animal tissue grafted onto a human [n -S]
ZO?M?B??+ capable of being viewed at various levels of detail and magnification [adj]
ZO?M??C? divination by observing animals [n -IES]
ZO???M?A animal physiology, also ZOONOMY [n -S]
ZO???M?C relating to animal physiology [adj]
ZO?P??H? animal pathology [n -IES]
ZO?P?R?? relating to experimentation on animals [adj]
ZO?P??G? the practice of feeding on animals [n -IES]
ZO?P??R? ZO?P??R??, a continuous frieze in relief, with people and animals [n]
ZO?S??P? a delusion in which you see imaginary animals [n -IES]
ZO??H?M? a group of zooids, such as a mass of coral [n -S]
ZO???X?C relating to a poison derived from an animal [adj]
ZO??R?P? a slotted rotating cylinder producing primitive animation [n -S]
ZOP?L??? (Nahuatl) the urubu or American black vulture [n -S]
ZUC??T?? (Italian) a round skullcap worn by Catholic clergy to indicate rank [n -S] (1)
ZUC??T?? (Italian) a round skullcap worn by Catholic clergy to indicate rank [n -S] (2)
ZYG????D relating to the moth family Zygaenidae, that includes burnet moths, also ZYGAENOID [adj]
ZYG??T?? ZYG??T???, extra vertebral articulation in snakes and some lizards [n]
ZYG?D??? relating to molar teeth whose cusps are paired [adj]
ZY??N?T? a non-thermosetting plastic of the nitrocellulose type, also XYLONITE [n -S]
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