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ACQ????? (obsolete) to free from a charge, also ACQUIT, ACQUITE [v -ING, -S]
ACQ????? getting or attainment [n -S]
AN??Q??? resembling an antique [adj]
AQ?????W an exhibition of swimming and diving [n -S]
BA???Q?? a wine barrel, also BARRICO [n -S]
BA?Q???? an outer petticoat worn by Basque and Spanish women [n -S]
BL??Q??? (French) a variety of pear [n -S]
BR???Q?? a watch chain [n -S]
CH?Q???? as in ???????? account, an account at a bank or building society against which cheques may be drawn [adj]
CL???Q?? (French) a clinic [n -S]
CL?Q???? the tendency to form cliques [n -S]
CO???Q?? to hold a discussion [v -D, -QUING, -S]
COQ????? (Spanish) the nut of the piassava palm, whose mottled dark brown endosperm is used by button-makers and turners [n -S]
DE???Q?? (French) a (male) person who is deranged [n -S, +E]
EM???Q?? (French) a slacker or shirker, a person who evades military service [n -S]
ENQ????? one who ????????, also INQUIRER [n -S]
EQ?????E in grammar, denoting identity or equivalence [adj]
ESQ????? (French) the first sketch of a picture or model of a statue [n -S]
FA???Q?? a parish group that deals with church property [n -S]
FI???Q?? a doctrine that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Son [n -S]
GO??Q??? evangelical Christians as a group [n -S]
HAQ????? a stuffed jacket worn under mail, also ACTON, HACQUETON [n -S]
HE??Q??? a fibre used to make ropes, also HENEQUEN, HENEQUIN, HENIQUEN [n -S]
HU?Q???? (Spanish) in Latin America, a person who steals antiquities and relics from tombs [n -S]
JE?Q???? a search for contraband, also JERKING [n -S]
LIQ????? able to be liquefied [adj]
LIQ????? to become liquid [v -D, -S]
LIQ????? a plastic packet containing a portion of detergent for use in a washing machine or dishwasher [n -S]
LOQ????? 'he/she speaks' -- used as a stage direction [v]
LU???Q?? (obsolete) lusty, healthy, also LUSTICK [adj]
MA??Q??? goat leather, morocco leather, also MAROCAIN [n -S]
ME?Q???? (French) mean, sordid, shabby, also can remove last letter [adj]
MUQ????? (Arabic) a leader, headman, also MOCUDDUM, MOKADDAM [n -S]
OB??Q??? (Spenser) oblique [adj]
OB??Q??? (Milton) an obsequy, a funeral rite [n -S]
OD???Q?? (French) a female slave; a concubine in a harem, also ODALISK, ODALISQUE [n -S]
PA???Q?? a long-tailed nocturnal bird [n -S]
PEQ????? in Canada, a supporter of the Parti Quebecois [n -S]
PE???Q?? a kind of wig, also PERUKE [n -S]
PE???Q?? (French) a game of bowls in which steel bowls are rolled towards a wooden post [n -S]
PIQ????? (Spanish) a variety of sweet red pepper [n -S]
REQ????? (Spenser) to requite, also REQUIT, REQUITE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
REQ????? a small guitar [n -S]
REQ????? (Shakespeare) to recoil [v -D, -S]
SA???Q?? (Japanese) a kind of camellia [n -S]
SE??Q??? a marketing concept of high quality service [n -S]
SQ?????H to crush esp. with criticism; to lambaste [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
SQ?????E (colloquial) a soldier, also SQUADDY [n -S]
SQ?????R a throwing stick [n -S]
SQ?????D like a shark [adj]
SQ?????A a little scale, also SQUAMELLA [n -S]
SQ?????E a little scale, also SQUAMELLA [n -S]
SQ?????L a flat diamond-shaped aerial [n -S]
SQ?????N a clergyman who is also a squire or landowner in his parish [n -S]
SQ?????E (Scots) to squat down [v -D, -S]
SQ?????N a white man with an Indian wife [n]
SQ?????R a squegging oscillator [n -S]
SQ?????R in baseball, an infield grounder that becomes a base hit [n -S]
SQ?????R (slang) a concertina [n -S]
SQ?????E squires collectively, also SQUIRALITY, SQUIRALTY, SQUIRARCHY, SQUIREARCHY [n -S]
SQ?????Y like a squire [adj]
SU??Q??? subordinately equal [adj]
SU?Q???? (obsolete) arrogance; haughty pride, also SURQUEDRY [n]
TEQ????? a Mexican alcoholic drink made from the agave plant [n -S]
TOQ????? (Spanish) a South American palm-like tree; a fibre obtained from its leaves [n -S]
TR?Q???? (French) the faking of works of art, also TRUCAGE [n -S]
TR?Q???? (French) one who engages in trucage, the faking of works of art [n -S]
UMQ????? (Scots) some time ago; formerly, also UMWHILE [adv]
VE???Q?? relating to a vehm, a mediaeval German court, also FEHMIC, VEHMIC [adj]
VE?Q???? a form of backgammon [n -S] (1)
VE?Q???? a form of backgammon [n -S] (2)
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