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Can you name the 4-letter words in this curling-themed word ladder?

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Clue5- Letter Word#
The object thrown by curlers at [rung 28]1
Wal-mart or 7-Eleven, for example2
Do this to the sun if you want to go blind3
In bowling, the next best thing after a strike4
Digging tool for gardeners5
English rock band featuring Dave Hill6
The movement of a player delivering [rung 1]7
Cut into thin, flat pieces8
Smooth and slippery, like ice9
Sound made by a computer mouse10
A fine-looking young woman11
In chess, to attack the king12
Impertinent talk13
Sound made by a baby bird14
Clue5- Letter Word#
Ovine animal15
To brush the ice in front of the [rung 1]16
Like chocolate or candy17
Curling playing surface18
Thin, translucent fabric19
Farrier, one who protects the feet of horses20
Curling footwear, instead of skates21
Small servings of espresso or liquor22
Covers with powdery fireplace product23
1976 Alex Haley novel24
Defeats thoroughly25
A particular course of travel26
To awaken a sleeper27
Curling target, at which [rung 1] is aimed28

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