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Can you name the Shimmer and Shine Characters?

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A giant chicken with green feathers
Zac's Genie
Zeta's pet dragon
Princess Samira's mentor
Leah's Friend
Who is Leah Genie
A Lightning Genie
Two mischievous Frost sprite siblings
Who is Leah other genie
Shimmer's pet gibbon monkey
A hermit crab
Zac's pet dog
An animated glob of Gooey Gummy Genie Jelly candy
A Zahramay Fox that Leah befriends
Princess Samira's pet peacock
Kaz's pet Ziffilon
A friendly alien
Two piglets
The guardian of the Mermaid Gem
Shine's white Bengal tiger
An Ice Genie
A girl who owns a genie bottle,
The Guardian of the Caliana Caves
A mermaid

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