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Can you identify the iconic movie characters from these short poems about them?

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Character 1
With just a fedora and my trusty whip
I’m ready to take any adventurous trip
Ancient artifacts I have easily found
Thanks to my archeological background
I can handle Nazis, Thuggees , even heartbreaks
But I confess that I absolutely hate snakes!
Character 2
Vodka Martini, shaken but not stirred
Is the drink that I’ve always preferred
I put Q’s gadgets and cars into action
To foil the villain’s plan of world domination
Women love me, I give them a thrill
They prolly don’t know, I have a license to kill
Character 3
I don a black cape and a pointy-eared cowl
On my face I wear a perpetual scowl
My rich parents were killed when I was just a boy
So I became a vigilante, something villains don’t enjoy
Every day I have to put away psychopaths and pervs
But it’s Robin who really gets on my nerves!
Character 4
I’m a space smuggler with the fastest ship around
My co-pilot’s a walking carpet who talks with a strange sound
In less than 12 parsecs I made the Kessel Run
Though being frozen in carbonite was no fun
As an anti-hero, I’m certainly not the worst
But sorry Greedo, I definitely shot first
Character 5
I’m a NYC Detective who’s losing his hair
For messing with terrorists, I have a flair
When I feel I’m on the verge of insanity
I yell “Yippee Ki Yay” followed by some profanity
Yes, I threw Hans off the Nakatomi building
What else could I do? He wasn’t yielding
Character 6
I was the chosen one but then I turned bad
I also happen to be Luke and Leia’s absent dad
I trusted the emperor despite him being a shady bloke
Though he did teach me the awesome Force choke
Even though folks hate me and I look like a ghoul
But who else can make heavy breathing sound cool?
Character 7
I stand for truth, justice and the American way
I catch choppers and bad guys before I fly away
I’m immune to every weapon in the villains’ possession
But Kryptonite is a different question
I turned back time when Lois died
Why the hell do I wear my underwear outside?
Character 8
I’m a forensic psychiatrist whose advice is invaluable
I also happen to be a serial killer as well as a cannibal
Even though I really hate the police
I can always make an exception for Clarice
Her lamb story did give me a pleasant chill
Which is why I helped her catch Buffalo Bill
Character 9
I started as a warrant officer and ended as a clone
In space no one can hear you scream or even groan
I blew up the Nostromo, the ship was toast
Had to do it so I didn’t become an alien host
Don’t be fooled by my spongy hair
I’m a tough chick so Xenomorphs beware
Character 10
Living tissue over a tough metal frame
Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 is my name
I used to waste people, it was so much fun
Before John made me promise not to kill anyone
From a cyborg assassin to a brat’s babysitter
I still am quite the heavy hitter
Character 11
Creed, Lang, Drago, I’ve beaten ‘em all
I’m the southpaw from Philly with droopy eyes and a drawl
Drinking raw eggs and running up steps
Is my secret to getting big biceps
Musical Training Montages, I started that craze
“Yo Adrian!” will always be my catchphrase
Character 12
Born in Hill Valley, I’m an 80s teen
My friend Doc built a freakin’ time machine
I’ve gone from 1985 to 1885
Just by taking the DeLorean for a little drive
Darth Vader and Clint Eastwood are aliases I’ve used
But don’t call me chicken coz my ego gets bruised

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