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Can you name the 4-letter words in this Aladdin-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• 'It begins on a ____ night, where a ____ man waits, with a _____ purpose' •
Knighted woman
Site for depositing rubbish
• Song: 'One ____ Ahead' •
Slender, trim, delicate
Walk with difficulty
• The Genie lives in this •
Weak, as an excuse
Body of water
• Song: 'You ain't never had a friend ______ me' •
Movie: 'It’s a Wonderful _____'
• 'You’re speechless, I see. A fine quality in a ______' •
Looney Tunes character _____ E. Coyote
• 'That’s Sultan _____ betrayer to you!' •
Climbing plant
Solitary, like a certain Ranger
• 'Rule # 2: I can’t make anybody fall in ______ with anybody else' •
Small bay or inlet
• The _____ of Wonders •
Court proceeding
Clean with water
• One of the three that the Genie grants •
Intelligent, like an owl
Alcoholic drink from grapes
Prong of a fork
Ceramic square or Scrabble piece
Scottish skirt
• 'Rule# 1: I can’t _____ anybody' •
Clue4-Letter Word
A bit of a cotton plant
Darkened like a font
• 'Whoever has the ______ makes the rules' •
Below better
A cross
Peruse a book
• 'Rule# 3: I can’t bring people back from the _____' •
Legal document of ownership of property
___ Certification for green buildings
• 'Jasmine? I’m sorry I _____ to you about being a prince' •
Like the Piper of Hamelin
Fruit-filled desserts
Photos, for short
• 'She's smart, fun. The hair, the eyes. Anything. ______ a feature' •
Quick kiss, usually on the cheek
• 'Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the ______' •
A small cut or notch
Former US Vice President Cheney
Floor of a ship
Subservient means to be at someone's _______ and call
• Iago's mouth •
Highest point, like that of a mountain
Fuel from bogs
Annoying person or insect
• 'Face it Jafar. You’re still just second ____' •
Ocean vessel
Heavy footwear
Chimney deposit
Fired a gun
• Song: 'I can _____ you the world' •

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