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Can you name the places ending in 'rium'?

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Here you will find...Places
horrible bird mites, picking at flesh.
fish and underwater plants.
pathways to the rest of the house.
a performance stage and seating.
the site of the first gladiatorial contest at Rome.
food being served when drama is not.
a furnace for burning corpses.
many things for sale (some cheap).
a fetus is very comfortable
my preserved plant collection.
Here you will find...Places
reptiles and amphibians galore!
a quarantined colony of the skin-diseased.
a swimming pool and dankness.
astronomical wonders.
volatile fatty acids being absorbed (gross).
many with long-term illnesses, especially TB.
monks endlessly copying the Bible.
my pain and euphoria.
that the sun shines right in nicely.
tunnels containing a colony of wood-munchers.

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