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Combines with OXYGEN to make a material that is 4.7% of the Earth's crust. It is very flamable, but it combines with ALUMINUM to make beverage cans.
Combines with CARBON and OXYGEN to make limestone. In humans it is most prevelantly found in bones.
Makes up about 21% of the Earth's atmosphere. Respirating animals need it to live.
Combines with ALUMINUM to form a metal used in lacrosse sticks and bicycle frames.
The 7th most abundant metal in the Earth's crust, it is very light and strong. Also it combines with OXYGEN to form an extremely white pigment used in toothpaste.
Combines with CHLORINE to make the most common form of potash, used to make glass, soap, and soil fertilizer. Neccesary for human health, it is known for being found in bananas.
Combines with CADMIUM to make rechargeable batteries. Also combines with TITANIUM to make memory metal.
Nails are often plated with this metal in order to prevent rusting. Also it makes up 97.5% of a US one cent coin.
A noble gas that is used to inflate balloons to make them less dense than air.
The most common metal on Earth, it is also the most widely used metal. Combines with OXYGEN to make rust.
Makes up about 78% of the Earth's atmosphere.
A yellow, smelly solid, it was originally known as brimstone. It is commonly used in gunpowder, medicine, and matches. Also it is used in the vulcanization of rubber.
Combines with SODIUM and OXYGEN to make borax, a common detergent ingredient. Also it is an essential plant nutrient.
Combines with ALUMINUM and OXYGEN to create the distinctive tint in blue glass. Also combines with SAMARIUM to make strong permanent magnets.
A light and strong metal, it is the 2nd most commonly used structural metal after steel.
Everyday UseElementSymbol
This metal is mostly used as and additive to steel to increse the strength of tools, axles, and gears. It is also the reason a sea cucumber's blood is yellow.
A red colored metal, it combines with TIN to make bronze. Also the Statue of Liberty is made out of it.
A green gas, it is often used to purify swimming pool water. Also it is a main component of the plastic PVC.
Combines easily with itself and many other elements which is why all life on Earth is said to be based on it.
A noble gas that is used to make redish-orange lighting. Makes up about 0.001818% of the Earth's atmosphere.
A light metal, it combines violently with water. Combines with CHLORINE to make table salt.
Almost all of the demand for it is due to its irreplaceable role in the steelmaking process.
The lightest metal, it is used as part of the anode of some types of batteries.
Combines with OYXGEN to make sand or glass. Also it is used in semiconductors, breast implants, and caulk.
A noble gas that is used to make blue lighting and to preserve the filaments in incandescent lighting. Makes up about 0.9340% of the Earth's atmosphere.
Combines with CHLORINE and CARBON to make refrigerants and propellants that can harm the ozone layer. Also found in toothpaste and tap water.
Combines with ALUMINUM and SILICON to form emeralds. Combines with COPPER to improve its strength.
Combines with OXYGEN to make water. Combines with itself to form HELIUM in the Sun.
Combines with LEAD and OXYGEN to make a yellow pigment. ALso combines with IRON and NICKEL to make a common form of stainless steel.
Found in the bonds that make the backbone of DNA. The red form is used on the tip of matches, and the white form is used in incideary bombs.

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