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Can you name the things I only know because of Sporcle based on these haiku puzzles?

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I think SSR
Oh, Gyz no more. Its hard to
Say, harder to spell.
Off Africa's coast.
High amount speak Portuguese.
Venn diagram that!
Ten letters long
Owes little, high GDP.
Toe crunch on the beach.
Four reef islands plus
Dark skinned Polynesians plus
Atoll Funafuti.
Get a ride to White-
Horse. The seat of this “province.”
For it's the smallest.
That greatest film list
Came up. Guessed it 'fore you saw
This one word: “Rosebud.”
This George Michael band,
To wake up 'fore you go go,
Kinks, Knack, Jam be damned!
You know Wiggum, Muntz,
The rest.... But what 'bout the last
Name of dear Milhouse?
Knee slappin', singin'
High in the surrey, only
If its top's fringy.
First, a game system.
EST or any old time zone--
You have a watch too!
A Woody Allen
Off-beat science fiction spoof?
Count me out, Keaton.
“Tee Kay Oh,” you hear.
Is that “Eye of the Tiger?”
Each play pays this band.
Is it not up, down?
Aft nor fore, top nor bottom?
Part ways with the strange.
Eye to the great skies
Or toward a dwarf planet chart.
As you likelike it.
Vee on the table.
You periodically know
It's a great alloy.
Not a good rock to
Lease a home on or even to
Own: hardened magma.
State the wave of un-
Ease you'll feel when many crows
Play above, swarming.
[1st Word Acrostic Haiku]

Don’t become a stat
Of attrition ‘fore pledging
The *word acrostic*.
[2nd Word Acrostic Haiku]

The election may
Cause confusion, but there will
Oft be another.
[3rd Word Acrostic Haiku]

The man from Avon
Enjoyed putting playful words
Into his-stories.

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