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Can you name the words that end in the letter 'Z'?

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Starts with...AnswerClue for Z-ending Word
AFormer Bay Area prison island
BFolk singer Joan
CHistorical seaport in southern Spain
DA silly inane person
EWord meaning substitute or fake
FWhat carbonated drinks do
GNYC's 'subway vigilante' Bernie
HSI unit for frequency
IMouse that antagonizes Krazy Kat
JUtah's NBA team
KClumsy person
LBackward ice skating jump
MSinger Jason of 'I'm Yours'
Starts with...AnswerClue for Z-ending Word
NWWII US Navy Admiral Chester
OWord said three times to start court
PTiny candy coming out of heads
Q7 on the Mohs hardness scale
RCrayola color or a gaudy display
SEgyptian canal
TNovember birthstone
UUS snack company
VInfamous Exxon oil tanker
WActress Rachel of 'The Mummy'
XNES SciFi game by Hudson Soft
YRed Sox Hall of Famer's nickname
ZX Games-style apparel store

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