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Can you name the words that end in Y starting with each letter of the alphabet?

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A(11) Sporcle's 4th will be USA's 235th
B(6) Movie about Bukowski
C(10) US capital
D(5) Like some jokes
E(10) When a procrastinator will get to it
F(5) Lack of good sense or a SC beach
G(6) Fitzgerald's Jay
H(6) Wrote Lonely Avenue with Ben Folds
I(3) Concerning overpass description
J(5) Smucker's product
K(5) Matt Stone's covered mouth makes his voice
L(5) Like some goals
M(7) Its employees have pink cars
Starts with...AnswerHint
N(6) It borders Russia
O(7) He is a self-described Culture Warrior
P(10) Famous London Circus
Q(6) Place for marble extraction
R(11) Boy with red yarn hair and a triangle nose
S(11) Bart can use it to mar Springfield cars
T(4) Where people came out of a horse
U(9) Complete agreement by everyone
V(5) May 8, 1945
W(5) Prolix; logorrheic; bloviated (shall I go on?)
X(4) Electromagnetic radiation
Y(6) Biannually halved
Z(8) Fanaticism

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