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QUIZ: Can you name the companies based on both their actual slogans and what their slogans should be?

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Actual SloganCompany NameBetter Slogan
'…and You're Done''Our Algorithm Has Predetermined Your Taste'
'Beyond Petroleum''Any Press Is Good Press'
'One Stop Money Shop''We Turn Your Money into Less Money...NOW!'
'Get More out of Now''Dude, You're Not Cool Enough for a Mac'
'Answers That Matter''If Thoughts about Our Company Last Longer Than 4 Hours, Seek Immediate Medical Attention'
'Built for the Road Ahead''American Made, Not Government Owned'
'Imagination at Work''We Put the 'Super Fun' into Superfund!'
'Invent''Do You Have the Exact Right Ink Cartridge Today?'
'We Make IT Happen''Improving Computing Efficiency Since the Final Solution'
'The Family Company''No More Chinese Tears'
'You Press The Button and We Do The Rest.''We Invented Digital Cameras, Then Failed To Make Them'
'We Never Forget Who We're Working For''We Make $90 Million Death Machines'
'i’m lovin’ it''it'll make you fat...we have big macs...we have quarter pounders...we will put pounds on you'
Actual SloganCompany NameBetter Slogan
'Just Do It''Just Do It...Except for You, Tiger. You Probably Should Stop Doing It.'
'Work with Us''No, We Don't Have the Damn Easy Button'
'Every Generation Refreshes The World''For When They Don't Have Coke'
'Spirit of Service''Our Service Sucks, But We Won't Give the NSA Our Database'
'You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers''Seriously, Does Anyone Still Shop Here?'
'Coffee is Culinary''The People at Local Coffee Shops Will Judge You'
'It's What Your Family Deserves'''Raised Without Antibiotics*'

*would be a great slogan for our chicken if it were true'
'Feel Good, Look Good, and Get More Out of Life.''We Brought You the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty AND the Axe Body Spray Campaign for Hot ****. God Bless America!'
'We Never Stop Working for You''Are You Tired of Our Ads Now? Good.'
'Save Money. Live Better.''Don't Be Smug. We're The Cheapest.'
'Technology. Document Management. Consulting Services.''We 'Copied' Our Logo from the Kyrgyzstan Flag'
'Do You [company name]?''Better than Bing Since 2009'
'Wheels When You Want Them''Attention Urban Eco-hipsters: Bikes Are for Suckers'

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