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most common causes of aseptic meningitis (3)
where does HSV2 reside
HSV that causes meningitis
Tx for HSV
Where do herpesviruses replicate
what percent of common colds is caused by rhinovirus
Pink eye
Pneumocystis carnii prophylaxis (preferred)
5 most common causes of rash
owl eye inclusion body
What does monospot detect
AIDS defining illness (CD count?)
blanching rash, 11 month old, wide body spread
Tropics, elderly, summer, menengitis
AIDS defining illness (oral)
Pneumocystis carnii prophylaxis (alternative)
Cardiomegaly, conduction abnormalities, 2-3weeks post infection
AIDS defining illness (bird)
Tx for rabies
What causes roseola
Tx for norovirus
No inflmamation, encephalopathy, Kuru, CJD
positive babinsky, pmns in csf, seizures, child, mosquito transmission
Negri bodies, dysphagia, hydrophobia
Poeple with hemolytic anemia are at risk for what with Parvovirus B19
Genital rash, inclusion bodies, sacral ganglia
HSV that causes encephalitis
What is the rare serious complication of measles
Transmission of ebola
Downey cells on smear?
Slapped cheek rash, crosses placenta
where does HSV1 reside
most common cause of sporadic encephalitis in adults
Therapeutic for RSV, do not give in NOV/DEC
Test for EBV
testicular pain, mild fever, muscle aches, parotitis, elevated amylase
transmission of measles
Children, summer, paralysis
causes of common cold
AIDS defining illness (retinitis)
incubation for mumps
transmission of mumps
Rapid onset of high fever (2-4days) followed by rash, resolved by Tcells w no complications
red spots with blue center on mucosa
causes karposi sarcoma lesions
india, dog bite, pain on swallowing, photosensitivity, UMN problems
Tx for coxsackie
runny nose, sneezing, fever, annual, 1 week duration
High risk of infection in midwest forests
AIDS defining illness (lung)
Mycobacterium prophylaxis when CD less than 50
incubation period for ebola
seeing double, AIDS pt, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML)
fever, dermatomal rash, multinucleated giant cells, 72 year old
Type of genome for herpesvirus
Most common presentation of CMV
In under age of 2 how would you detect EBV
smelling sausages, fever, 55year old man, elevated lymph and protien in csf
transmission for smallpox
where does pox virus replicate
Toxoplasmosis prophylaxis
AIDS defining illness (bilateral penumonia)
hemmoragic fever, africa, DIC, rash on neck and arms
how does herpes become resistance
Children, SSPE

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