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major small bowel complication of rotavirus
incubation period for hep A
length of norovirus course
what causes epidemics from flu
diarrhea on college campus and cruises
how many doses of innactivated HAV is the vaccine
what does hemagglutinin bind to in humans
what to do in case of hematologic radiation exposre
+ssRNA, env, mosquito vector, monkey reservoir, jungle cycle
mutation in live vaccine that results in poliomyelitis
rads for hematologic effects
mechanism of NSP4
1 antigenic type, life long immunity, F+H+N-
lab value that is elevated 5-10 days prior to onset of jaundice in HAV hepatitis
hemmorrage into arms and legs, NSP1
what is the long term immunity to HAV
humanized monoclonal AB against RSV
incubation period for polio
virulence factor of rotavirus that causes diarrhea
virus structure - internal protein, organizes budding
incubation period for influenza
which virus rna replicates in the nucleus
Cause croup in small children
Virus structure- cleaves sialic acid from glycoproteins
5 most common causes of viral diarrhea
symptom to recovery period for influenza
'winter diahrrea'
What is detectable in serum during acutre HAV infection
win compoun, changes shape of 'canyon', 'greasy sausage'
vaccine, live attenuated of all 3 serotypes, oral, good IGA response
epidemic diarrhea of young children
+ssRNA, env, mosquito vector, monekey reservoir, 4 serotypes
what is the mode of transmission for the enteroviruses
how many doses is attenuated vaccine for polio
acute respiratory distress, new mexico
pentavalent, live attenuated rotavirus vaccine?
how is polio transmitted
Virus structure- together form RNA dependent RNA polymerase
what percent of diarrhea cases are viral
Virus structure- mediates synctia formation
1 antigenic type, life long immunity, F+H-N-
fecal oral contamination, found in shellfish, liver target, elevated IgM
drug that binds to canyon on viral protein coat
4 antigenic types, short lived immunity, F+H+N+
where in the cell do paromyoxoviruses replicate
Are children more likey to be symptomatic or asymptomatic with HAV
spread of RSV
15% of common cold, associated with otitis
method of diagnosing RSV in lab?
occurs in .1-2% of exposed, 3-4 days after minor symptims, spread to anterior horn cells
number of rads needed for symptoms
Causes measles
virus structure- associates to viral RNA
what viruses have skin and muscle as target tissue
Causes mumps
best/most practical method of detection in viral diarrhea
2 antigenic types, short lived immunity, F+H+N-
spread to meninges, back pain, spasms, 1-2% of exposed individuals
what does deer mice carry
what is the long term immunity to Rotavirus
is the vaccine for parainfluenza?
vaccine, innactivated polio virus of all three serotypes, IM, NO IGA made
reassortment happens in which type of viruses
do RSV or parainfluenza have a viremia?
hand foot mouth disease cause?
what viruses have brain as target

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