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String of pearls appearance on imaging
fibrinoid necrosis (S/M/or L)
Hilighter pink colored vessel wall
Tx of Kawasaki disease
Associated with polymylagia rheumatica
57yo, DMII, Hep B, Peripheral neuropathy, negative ANCA, hematochezia
older than 50, headache, female, scandanavian, temporal arteries
organ infarcts, peripheral neuropathy
Dx of takayasu
Children, palpable purpura, NO ANCA, abdominal pain
Marked fibrosis between intima and media on histo
Smokers under 40, reynauds, gangrene of fingers
Constitutional symptoms of vasculitis are caused by which cytokine?
hyperplastic intima, asymptomatic, unequal BP, claudiation
Bilateral conjunctivitis, strawberry tounge, rash, desquamation of digist
Tx in GPA
'pulseless disease', under than 50, female
30% of cases associated with Hep B
CD20 AB used in GPA
Northern european, middle age, purpura, pauci immune (S/M/or L)
what in cells do p-anca bind to
Three ANCA associated vasculitis
Tx for MPA, CS
Children under 5, coranary artery, self limiting
renal, coronary, hepatic, testicular arteries, lung SPARED
Fibrinoid necrosis, granuloma, EOSINOPHELIA
Orbital pseudotumor, necrotizing scleritis
What do you do to confirm P or C Anca
Saddle nose, NCGN
70yo, HX of GCA, off steroids, low BP in R arm, what would cause dissection after high dose steroids
fibrinoid necrosis with No granulomas
Palpable purpura on buttocks and legs, upper respiratory tract infection
Tx of Giant cell arteritis
outside in, macrophages, hyperplasia of intima, NO FIBRINOID NECROSIS (S/M/or L)
Small to medium vessels, ANCA negative, aneurysms
Fibrinoid necrosis, upper respiratory granuloma
Tx of takayasu's arteritis
Tx of HSP
disease with anti-endothelial cell AB
Focal vaculitis with transmural fibrinoid necrosis
63yo with Hx of hyperlipid, wt loss, bloody nasal discharge, non blanching non tender rash, high CRP, PR3 ANCA positive
neutorphils, inflammation from inside out(S/M/or L)
Young adult with stomach pain, melena, hypertension, HBsAg positive
What is measured as a proxy for IL6
Dx of HSP
Corkscrew collaterals on imaging or ultrasound
'skip lesions', focal lesions, aneurysm (S/M/or L)
Alveolar hemmorhagge, NCGN
granulomatous inflammation, patchy, segmented, fragmentation of internal elastic membrane
affects medium to small muscular arteries
Tx for Polyarteritis nodosa
Most common acquired heart disease of children
Most common vasculitis in children
proliferation of intima, leg pain, jaw pain (S/M/or L)
ESR greater than 100
palpable purpura (S/M/or L)
Nasal polyps, asthma, allergy, NCGN
Anti endothelial, anti smooth muscle cell antibodies
what in cells do c-anca bind to
Involves aorta, renal arteries, great vessels

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