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Forced Order
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inhibits dihydrofolate reductase
cell cycle specific for anti metabolites
does methotrexate have high/low protein binding
what function must be intact for tx with methotrexate
What pH makes methotrxate more soluble in urine
what can be given in a high dose methotrexate for 'rescue'
inhibits thymidylate synthetase
rash, hand foot syndrome
use in lung cancer, mesothelioma
s phase pyrimidine analog
Tx of AML
Tx of pancreas and lung cancer
hyperpigmentation of palms of hands, coronary artery vasospasms
increases the cytotoxity of 5 fluorouracil
what is the most important deficiency to know of when administrating 5FU
oral prodrug subsituite for 5-FU
purine antagonist
need to decrease dose in gout
Tx of CML, philidelphia chromosome positive
needs to be monitored when administering imatinib
monoclonal antibody to EGFR
TX of lung and colon cancers, head and neck along with rad
Protein activated by EGFR involved in cellular proliferation, needs to be wild type for drug to work
small molecule inhibitor of tyrosine kinase, small increase in survival
Mutated protien in SCC of lung in asian, women, non smokers
monoclonal antibody to VEGF
Not active as single agent, given along with chemo
VEGF receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Tx in renal cell cancer
Tx pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer
TX of hepatocellular cancer
Monoclonal antibody of extracellular EGFR receptor with Her2neu
Serious side effect of decrease in cardiac function
Tx of ALK anaplastic lymphoma
Tx of Melanoma in pts with mutated BRAF
depletes asparagine pools rapidly
causes liver enzyme elevation, clotting, pancreatitis
inhibits ribonucleotide reductase, only used in acute AML with high white counts
Tx of APL, very effective
Tx of choice of relapse APL
Mouth related SE of chemo
GI related SE of chemo
downregulation of bone marrow
What is the dose limiting toxicity of chemo
what is the ANC threshold for increased risk of bacteria
Myeloid growth factor given to hedge the ANC

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