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Alkylating agent -Bis(chlorethyl)amines
Bifunctional alkylating agent
Alkylating agent -Bis(chlorethyl)amines
Alkylating agent -Bis(chlorethyl)amines
Alkylating agent -Bis(chlorethyl)amines
Alkylating agent -Bis(chlorethyl)amines
Alkylating agent -Bis(chlorethyl)amines
What position of guanine do alkylating agents work on
Are the alkylating agents cycle specific?
Indications for Cyclophosmamide
Noted Complication of Cyclophosphamid and Ifosfamide
What alkylating agent metabolite is responsible for hematuria
Main indication for Temozolomide
Advantage of carboplatin over Cis-diaminedichloroplatinum
Causes parasthesias in the cold
Plant alkaloid
What phase of the Cell cycle do the plant alkaloids work on
What do Vincristine and Paclitaxel bind to
Plant alkaloid
What is the main SE for taxol
Plant alkaloid
What does etopside bind to
what part of the cell cycle does etopside work in
What druge requires dose adjustment in case of renal insufficiency
Cytotoxic mechanism for alkylating agents
Antibiotic Anti tumor (ABATA)
Are the Antibiotic Anti-tumor agents cell cycle specific?
What do the topoisomerase and tubiulin inhibitors have in common
Drug is vesicant, must reduce in presence of jaundice, cumulitve toxicity
Doxorubicin shows schedule dependent______
Doxorubicin shows schedule independent_________
What can be co-administrated with Doxorubicin to avoid cardiotoxicity
Plant alkaloid
What syndrome must be noted in administration of Irinotecan
Antibiotic Anti tumor (ABATA)
Binds to DNA, Free radical damage, double strand breaks
Dose limiting toxicity for Bleomycin
Hyperpigmentation, hyperkeratosis, NOT myelosuppressive
Cumulutive toxicity threshold for bleomycin (Units)
Indication for Bleomycin
Indication for Prednisone
Aromatase inhibitor
GnRH agonist
Indications for methotrextate
Does cytosine arabinase exhibit schedule dependent or independent
Exclusively used to treat acute leukemia
Causes production of FdUMP, inhibits thymidylate synthetase
Indicated for Breast, head and neck, GI cancers
Indicated for childhood acute leukemia
Inhibits DNA polymerase after phosphorylation
Decreases levels of THF in cell, inhibtis purine synthesis
Potentiated effects of FdUMP inhibition
6 Mercaptopurine is metabolized by which enzyme? (inhibited by allopurinol)
6 Mercaptopurine analog that can be used alongside allopurinol
Inhibits dihydrofolate reductase
Reduce dose of methotrexate in
Blocks virus binding and uncoating
Long chain alcohol that disturbs cell membrane
CCR5 inhibitor
GP120/GP41 inhibitor
blocks M2 ion channel
Guanisine analog that acts as a chain terminator
Guanosine analog that acts as mutagen

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