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Antibodies against host nuclear material
Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome is cause by a defect in what pathway
Which HLA subtype is associated with ankylosing spondylitis
Do drug induced SLE pts get renal damage commonly?
What type of selection is the checkpoint between double positive and single positive cells, also called MHC restriction
ANA with serum antibodies against U1 ribonucleoprotein
What part of the thymus does negative selection occur
What type of cells suppress Tcells by competitive binding of CTLA4 to CD28
What would be seen on biopsy that is diagnostic of Sjogrens
What are the specific Anti-ribonucleoproteins, Anti-
Small vegetation on both sides of mitral valve
What element is necessar for collagenase to remove type III collagen
Antibodies are to what in limited scleroderma
What percent of people with early complement deficiency develop lupus
Inheritance pattern for Wiskott-aldrich syndrome
What type of hypersensitivity is Sjogren's
Epithelial and fibroblast growth factor
What can anti SSA,SSB cause in children
tightness of skin, loss of wrinkles on fingers
What cytokine is necessary for survival of Tregs
Growth factor in angiogenesis
Which Anti-ANA has prognostic value and predics renal damage
Selection type in thymus that checks binding to self antigen
Thrombocytopenia, eczema, reccurent infections
Disease with low IgG due to defects in B or T cells
Features of SLE, Systemic sclerosis, polymyositis, autoimmune
What is necessary for crosslinking of glycine and lysine by lysyl oxidase
Where are the stem cells for the skin
What is a hypertrophic scar made up of predominantly
Are drug induced SLE pts ANA+
Tx of DiGeorge pt
Lymphocytic destruction of salivary and lacrimal glands
What part of the thymus does positive selection occur
Drug that induces SLE (Antiarrythmic)
Disease with mutated CD40L or CD40, no class switching
What is the 5 year survival for SLE
Of dry eyes/mouth, ANA/ASSA/ASSB, and biopsy, how many need to be positive for Dx of Sjogrens
Anemia, thromboytopenia, and leukopenia are due to what type of hypersensitivity in SLE
Drug that induces SLE (Smooth muscle relaxant)
What type of collagen makes up cartilage
Contract would during granulation
Mutatated protein in X linked agammaglobulinemia
What is increased in Scleroderma that is a potent vasocontrictor
What is the marker for hematopoietic stem cells
CD4+ CD25+(IL2r) FoxP3+
Child with two very swollen eylids
Initial phase of repair
Growth factor in angiogenesis, skeletal development
Which antibody produces a false positive test for syphillis
Libman-Sacks endocarditis, Arthritis
Lack of thymus, lack of parathyroids, abnormalities in heart, great vessels, face
Is APA syndrome more commonly primary or secondary to SLE?
Which ANA are specific for lupus
What is the cardiovascular complication for late SLE
What are Sjogrens pts at a higher risk for late in the disease
Deposit type III collagen during granulation
IPEX syndrome is caused by mutations in what?
Second most common cause of death in diffuse scleroderma involves what organ
APA plus hypercoaguble state is called
Receptor editing in B cells is facilitated by which gene
immunodysregulation polyendocrinopathy enteropathy X-linked
Most common and most sever renal injury for SLE pts
Hereditary angioedema of skin, periorbital membranes, and mucosal surfaces
African american females, CNS psychosis, renal damage
Autoantibodies present in Sjogrens syndrome, Anti-
Most common Ig deficiency
What does the biopsy exclude as causes for destruction of salivary gland
What type of collagen makes up vasculature, granulation tissue, embryonic tissue
Most common cause of death in diffuse scleroderma involves what organ
Defective cell mediated and humoral immunities
Where are the stem cells for the bowels
Polyendocrine syndrome is caused by a mutation in what protein
Endothelium, smooth muscle, fibroblast growth factor
Hardening of tissue, deposition of collagen, systemic
What does a keloid have excess of
Antigen-antibody complex (Type III) deposition on multiple tissue
Oral or nasopharyngeal ulcers, discoid rash, arthritis, peripheral vasospasm
Developmental failure of 3d and 4th pouches
What type of collagen is in the basement membrane
Antibodies are to what in diffuse scleroderma
CREST symptoms are for what subtype of scleroderma
Etiology in SCID (enzyme)
Cells that present single positive cells with many self antigens
What is necessary for hydroxylation of glycine and lysine
Cell surface marker for monocyte lineage (macrophages)
What is the stem cell of the lung
Tyrosine phosphatase that has mutations associated with autoimmune disorders
Provide nutrients during granulation
What must be avoided in XLG babies
Etiology in SCID (cell surface)
What disease is highly associated with IgA deficiency
In scar formation, type III collagen is replaced by what type of collagen
Sudden onset of acute renal failure and hypertension, diffuse scleroderma
Fibroblast growth factor, inhibits inflammation
What is present in the serum of pts with Sjogrens
How long after birth do XLG babies present with symptoms
Tissue that is quiescent but can reenter cell cycle
Infections in CVID and X linked agammaglobulinemia pts
Most commonly involved organ system in diffuse scleroderma
Drug that induces SLE (TB Tx)
Deficiency in C5-C9, increased risk for infections with ?
Binding of antigen by CD4 cell without second signal leads to what
Complete lack of Ig's
What deficiency disposes an individual to SLE

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