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Enzyme that converts H2O2 to HOCl
TH1 CD4 cytokine that activates macrophages
What cell is predominant in acute inflammation
In which vascular structure does increased permeability occur as a result or prostoglandins
TH2 CD4 cytokine that causes class switching from IgM to IgE
How do bradykinin and PGE2 cause pain
Key mediator in swelling
Apoptosis and conversion to pus of neutrophils that happens within 24hrs of inflammation
Enzyme that converts O2 to O2rad
Activated by subendothelial or tissue collagen, plays an important role in DIC
What upregulates adhesion molecules (ICAM and VCAM)
Important bacteria that results in granulomatous infections in CGD
Wall of fibrosis surrounding an area of acute inflammation
Activates Mast cells (antigenic)
cell present in second phase of acute inflmmation
Third phase of acute inflmmation
What is the key product of the cyclooxygenase pathway
In classical pathway, what does C1 bind to
Key cell that defines granulma
Disease with defective integrin CD18 subunit
What do macrophages secrete that induce TH1 subtype of CD4 cells
DDx non caseating granuloma (animal)
TH1 CD4 cytokine that causes class switching from IgM to IgG
'speed bumps' upregulated along endothelial surface during Rolling step
Enzyme that converts O2rad to H2O2
This phase begins 2-3 days into the acute inflammatory period
Nitroblue tetrazolium will turn blue in the presence of active:
What category of bacteria cause infections in Chronic Granulomatous Disease
Test to screen for CGD
What binds to mannose on microorganisms to activate 3d complement pathway
Stain for fungus when granuloma present
Process of neutrophils going to periphery of vasculature
Where are P-selectins released from
Which leukotriene attracts and activates neutrophils
Stellate shaped granuloma is caused by what?
Where in the body do about 50% of nuetrophils live
Activates Mast cells (immune)
What increases the body temperature set point
Two methods of cytotoxic killing by CD8 Tcells
Mediates fever, pain, vasodilation and increased vascular permeability
What provides the second signal in CD4 activation
What complement product is an opsonin for phagocytosis
DDx non caseating granuloma (Autoimmune)
Lack of pus, delayed separation of umbilical cord, increased circulating neutrophils, recurrent bacterial infections
Formation of granuloma is mediated by which T cells
What bind to CAMs
TH2 CD4 cytokine that causes class switching from IgM to IgA
What TLR binds to LPS
What cell is predominant in chronic inflammation
What induces P-Selectins
Present on surface of macropahages and dendritic cells which recognize PAMP
What type of heart failure is associated with sepsis
What mediates diapedesis (neutrophil traffic inbetween endothelial cells)
DDx non caseating granuloma (Chemical exposure)
What is on the surface of leukocytes which binds to selectins
Mediates vasodilation, increased vascular permeability, and Pain
In which vascular structure does vasodilation occur as a result or prostoglandins
What type of heart failure is associated with hypovolemia
Activates Mast cells (mechanical)
Where is COX activity increased in the hypothalmus
What is the end product of 5-lipooxygenase pathwaye
What does a B cell become after antigen binding to IgM or IgD
What do TH1 CD4 cells secrete that convert macrophages to epitheliod histocytes
Disease with defective NADPH Oxidase
Defect in tubules that prevent transport along tubules
TH1 CD4 cytokine that activates CD8 tcells and TCGF
What cells are acted on by leukotrienes that constrict and result in increased cell permeability
Increased risk of pyogenic infections, neutropenia, giant granules in leukocytes
CD8 T cells can only recognize antigen present in the context of what MHC
Albinism, peripheral neuropathy
What is released by phospohlipase A2
First phase of acute inflmmation
Inactive proinflammatory protein produced in liver
Cells present in chronic inflammation
This cytokine continues acute inflammation, released by macrophages
CD4 T cells can only recognize antigen present in the context of what MHC
C5a, IL-8, LTB4, and Kallikein are all
Prostoglandin that mediates fever and pain
DDx non caseating granuloma (systemic disease)
What product of mast cells allows for progression and maintenance of immune response
Stain for TB when granuloma present
Opsonins that enhance phagocytosis
Naive B cells express what on surface
What provides the second signal that activates B cells
What complement products trigger mast cell degranulation
What upregulates integrin?
What activates alternative pathway
Most effective mechanism in cellular killing is?
Innate immunity provides what type of inflammation
What provides the second signal that activates CD8 cells
TH2 CD4 cytokine that inhibits TH1 phenotype
What complement product makes a hole in target cell
Disease with autosomal recessive protein trafficking defect
what complement product attracts neutrophils
Two cytokines involved in the healing phase, antiinflammatory
What is upregulated after binding of TLR which activates immune response genes
Macrophage with abundant pink cytoplasm
Make Von Willebrand factor and P-Selectin
Nitroblue tetrazolium test normal, increased in Candida infections, mostly asymptomatic. Defect in what enzyme
What tissue characteristic is hallmark of acute inflammation
What induces E selectin
Mediates vasocontstriction, bronchospasm, and increased permeability
What small molecule plays a key role in oxygen dependent killing

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