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Eosinophilic inclusion body in hippocampal nerve cells
Narrowing of bowel lumen, 'string sign'
Wire loop glomerulus
Desquamated epithelium casts in sputum
Antidesmoglein (epithelial) antibodies
Nodular hyaline deposits in glomeruli
Neurodegeneration of frontal and temporal cortex with sparing of parietal and occipital lobes
Bacitracin sensitive
Antinuclear antibodies (Smith or dsDNA)
Tram track appearance of glomerulus
Protein aggregates in neurons from hyperphosphorylation of Tau
Rhomboid crystals with positive birefringence
Anti-transglutaminase/gliadin/endomysial antibodies
Antiplatelet antibodies
Decreased α-fetoprotein in amniotic fluid
Optochin resistant
Hexagonal, needle like crystals seen in asthma
Antimitochondrial antibodies
Smudge cells
Psuedopalisading tumor on brain biopsy
Novobiocin resistant
Ring enhancing brain lesion in AIDS
Optochin sensitive
Cellular crescents in Bowman's capsule
Eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion in liver cell seen in alcoholic liver disease
Waxy casts with very low flow urine
Iron containing nodules in alveolar septum
Soap bubble appearance on xray
Anti-glomerular basement antibodies
Eosinophilic cytoplasmic inclusion in neuron seen in Parkinson's
Depigmentation of neurons in substantia nigra
Granulomatous heart nodules in rheumatic fever
'Brown' tumor of bone
Owl eye intranuclear inclusion body (one eye)
Basophillic stippling of RBC's
Stippled vaginal epithelial cells, 'clue cells'
Hypercoagubility leading to DVTs and vasculitis, adenocarcinoma of pancreas or lung
Anti-topoisomerase antibodies
Anti-IgG or Citrunlinated peptide antibodies
Lead pipe appearance on xray, loss of haustra
Lytic 'punched out' bone lesions on x-ray
Antihistone antibodies
Onion skin periosteum
Immune deposition of IgG and C3b in 'lumpy' appearance on glomeruli
Degeneration of dorsal column
Anticentromere antibodies
'Bamboo' spine on Xray
Enlarged thyroid cells with 'ground glass' appearance
Bacitracin resistant
Increased α-fetoprotein in amniotic fluid
Boot shaped heart on Xray
'Apple core' lesion on abdominal Xray
Intranuclear eosinophilic droplet-like bodies seen in CMV or HSV
Bronchogenic apical lung tumor
HTN, hypokalemia, metabolic alkalosis
Nueroblastoma, Medulloblastoma, and retinoblastoma have what histological feature in common
Novobiocin sensitive
Azurophilic, peroxidase positive granular inclusions in granulocytes and myeloblasts
Thyroid-like appearance of kidney
Eosinophilic globule in liver seen in hepatitis or yellow fever
Disarrayed granulosa cells in eosinophillic fluid

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