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proliferation of osteoblasts in teenagers and elderly
usually presents as osteolytic lesions on xray
Arises in diaphysis, neuro ectoderm, small blue cells
what color does amyloid show with congo red stain
most common nongerm cell neoplasm in testes
most common ovarian tumor (70%)
Mutation in MEN2b
gene rearrangments in papillary carcinoma of thyroid
infolding borders, scalloped edges, exoptholmos
malignant found in medulla of pelvis or central skeleon
10-20 years, Thyroid medullary, pheochromocytoma, parathyroid
most common cause of symptomatic hypercalcemia
Parathyroid, Pancreas, Pituitary adenomas
elevated AFP, Schiller duvall bodies
what is secreted in hypercalcemia of malignancy
diagnosis of papillary carcinoma is based on
increases the risk for breast carcinoma 5x
marker is LDH, Responds well to radiotherapy
Meigs syndrome (+PE + ascities)
self limited, painful thyroiditis after viral infection
bone tumor relieved with aspirin
most important prognostitic factor for breast cancer
cafe au lait, fibrous dysplasia,
inflammation of subareolar duct/ Vit A deficiency/ squamous metaplasia of duct
architecture of sporadic pathway endo carcinoma
extensive infiltration of thyroid on histo by lymphocytes, hurthle cells
associated with gardners syndrome
most common cause of asymptomatic hypercalcemia
testes, malignant, MOST COMMON in children
ductal carcinoma in situ that has walked its way out of the duct
fibrosis of thyroid, extends to other structures
hypothyroidism in adults
Malignant proliferation of cells in breast lobule
episodic hypoglycemia that is relived by glucose, high insulin, high C peptide
reinke crystal, excess androgens
arises metaphyseal regoin, lifts periosteom, cellular atypia
lumpy upper outer quadrant, most common in premenopause
homer wright rosettes, sheets of small round cells
krukenberg, pseudomyxoma peritonei
most important predictor for progression of endometrial hyperplasia to carcinoma
mutation associacted with sporadic pathway endo carcinoma
benign, usually found in small bones of hands and feet
arrest of ovum
bloody nipple discharge, premenopausal
architecture of hyperplasia pathway carcinoma
how would you detect ductal carcinoma in situ
malignant in males, benign in females
triad of preeclampsia
snow storm appearance, passing of grapes
most common bilateral of testes
cystadenoma, mucinous or serous in postmenopausal 60-70
due to truama, calcification on mammagraphy
must be present to dx as chronic endometritis
thyroid and adrenal medullary carcinomas, marfanoid habitus, mucosal ganglioneuromas, NO PARATHYROID INVOLVMENT
most common neoplasm in testes of adults
treatment resistant gastic ulcers in the jejunum, (zollinger ellison syndrome))
most common site of osteosarcoma in under25yrs
most common benign neoplasm of breast
onion skin layering of bone
local mass, 100% mortality, inactivation of p53
characterized by increased LH to FSH ratio
Only tumor arising form epiphysis, soap bubble
amennorhea due to loss of basalis
Drug associated with clear cell carcinoma of vagina
malignant proliferation of cells within the duct
Glucose over 500, hypotension, coma, NO KETONES
testicular, may form glands, 20-30yrs old, hemmorage, necrosis
what drug is associated with endometrial polyp
diGeorge syndrome causes an absence of
what is the major mechanism in hyperosmolar nonketotic coma
orphan annie eyes, grooves, intranuclear inclusion, Somoma bodies
low t3, low t4, increased tsh, low 131 uptake
translocation in ewings
achlorhydria, gallstones, steatorrhea
neuroendocrine neoplasm derived from parafollicular C cells, amyloid deposition
underlying condition that leads to 'brown tumor'
most common benign primary tumore of bone
Elevated b-HCG
elevated ESR, fever, leukocytosis, age 10-15
three tissues that experience osmotic damage in DMII
hypothyroidism in children
cystadenoma, mucinous or serous in premenopausal 30-40

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