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Geography is no longer dull but an innovative and stimulating way of understanding our world.
To be a geographer is to participate in an intellectual activity characterised by confusion and excitement that derives from the lack of a coherent organising principle.
Geography cannot be presented as a single academic community with strong internal ties, but rather a conglomerate of separate communities writing for different audiences.
The fragmentation of geography has led to a crisis of relevance and called the significance of the subject into question.
It is impossible to think of a world without place.
Place is certainly threatened by the hypermobility of flexible capital, mass communications and mass transportation.
There seems to be more attention paid to the representation and deconstruction of phenomena than to phenomena themselves.
Geography is an intellectual safety net, an academic refugee camp - a place where academics can work on whatever they wish and not be disturbed by the need to conform to the tradit
Places should not be thought of in terms of statis and boundedness but are instead the product of processes that extend well beyond the confines of a particular place.
Globalisation has led to time space compression and a growing sense of placelessness.
Place is one of the most multi-layered and multi-purpose words
Globalisation does not simply entail homogenisation.
A discussion about what space is never surfaces in geography because everyone already knows
Geography is an integrated study of the Earth's landscapes, people, places and environment.
The multiplicity of linkages and interconnections between the states and societies which make up the modern world system.
Seeing place/home as a place of sanctuary and safety is naive.
Theorising about the social construction of reality won't help us devise strategies for preventing global warming.
Think of geography as a cultural product and political resource.
Place is the location of experience, the container of shapes, powers, feelings and meanings
Space refers to location somewhere and place to the occupation of that location.
Space is often understood as the plane on which events and objects are located at particular places.
The concept of non-place has arisen from the feeling that the authentically locally-specific has been erased.
Geographers are unwilling to respond to the calls for policy orientated research and debate.
A borderless world in which the nation-state has become rendered impotent by institutions which operate globally and without any real connection to place.
Elitist Jargon
We are now living in an interdisciplinary world in which disciplinary boundaries are increasingly blurred and across which there is no migration of ideas.
Geography matters!

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